Green Tourmaline Metaphysical & Chakra Properties
The Green Tourmaline is a heart chakra and high vibration crystal. Its colors range from light green to dark green, and it has a hardness of 7.5 to 8 on the Mohs scale. The tourmaline crystals are said to have the power to balance yin and yang energies and also transmute negativity into goodness.
Why is Green Tourmaline good for me?
Green Tourmaline is an energetic stone that helps to balance and align all of the chakras. This makes it a potent tool for healers, shamans, intuitive and lightworkers.
Green Tourmaline is also said to be effective against radiation exposure, including radioactive material. As a result, it's listed as one of the top crystals to protect from natural occurrences and man-made sources from electromagnetic radiation.
Some people say that you need to cleanse the green tourmaline crystal after each use. Others say it doesn't need to be cleansed if you don't have anything negative attached.
How do I use Green Tourmaline?
There are lots of ways you can incorporate green Tourmaline into your life. You can either keep one on hand or wear it as a piece of jewelry such as earrings, rings, necklaces, and more. You can also use a piece of polished green Tourmaline as an altar stone or to make your own crystal grid.
Green Tourmaline and the Chakra System
The main chakras that Green Tourmaline is used for are heart, base, and crown chakras. Here's more information about each one of those chakras, as well as the ones it's associated with:
Heart Chakra: Green Tourmaline is said to help with issues related to the heart and emotional healing. It can help you get in touch with your own emotions and feel more connected to others.
Base Chakra: The Green Tourmaline crystal is said to help you access your creativity and personal power.
Crown Chakra: Green Tourmaline is a third eye chakra crystal that can help with seeking higher consciousness and awakening.
How does green Tourmaline heal?
Green tourmaline crystals have an energy that is said to be great for healing on the emotional and spiritual levels. They're associated with the heart chakra, so they're an excellent crystal to use for issues related to love and relationships. Green Tourmaline is also said to be able to open up psychic abilities in some people.
Green Tourmaline Metaphysical Properties
Here are some of the metaphysical properties of Green Tourmaline that are believed to be correct according to standard gemology.
"Green Tourmaline is a stone of hope and encouragement during times of stress, self-confidence, creativity, and balancing the yin/yang energy."

Green Tourmaline in Crystal Healing
Green Tourmaline is one of two variations of beryl gemstones (the other being aquamarine). According to crystal healers, it helps to balance both yin and yang energies and transmute negativity into positive energy. Many people recommend carrying or wearing it during stressful times or when you're feeling physically ill. It's also said to help with self-confidence, creativity, and prosperity.
The green tourmaline crystal is known as a "stone of hope" for its metaphysically healing properties. According to crystal healers, carrying or wearing this stone can help you during times of stress or despair by helping you come up with solutions to any problems that may arise. It's also known for its metaphysical properties related to wealth. Some people say that if you carry one in your pocket or purse that your money problems will disappear, though I've personally never seen proof of this being true!
Green Tourmaline Crystal Healing Uses
Here are some of the many healing ailments that green Tourmaline is said to heal: Green Tourmaline Emotional Healing Energy Green tourmaline is known as "a stone of hope" because it helps people find ways through difficult situations. Its soothing energy is great for helping you get through times when you're feeling stressed out, giving yourself a boost of confidence or creativity. Some people say that placing this crystal on your heart center chakra can help you release emotional issues and move forward.
Green Tourmaline Spiritual Healing Energy If you want to enhance your spiritual awareness and strengthen your intuitive abilities, green Tourmaline is known to help. Green Tourmaline is an excellent crystal for anyone interested in dream interpretation, working with spirits, or interested in astral projection. It also helps increase compassion and empathy by helping you see things from other people's points of view.
Green Tourmaline Chakra Healing Energy placing Green Tourmaline crystals on each chakra can help restore balance if you feel unbalanced due to emotional issues, stress, or negativity. For example, after meditating with a piece placed on your crown chakra, we recommend using this stone to help clear out negative thoughts so you can make better decisions about the direction to take your life. This crystal has the power to bring light and insight into any situation or imbalance in your life.

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