The Benefits and Values of High Vibration Kunzite Crystals
What is Kunzite
Kunzite is the best-known variety of the mineral spodumene.
It gets its delicate color from trace amounts of manganese, making this crystal a light pink to violetish purple variety of the mineral spodumene.
Spodumene is mined and dug for in Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar, and the US state of California.

Spiritually & Chakras
This is a high-vibration Love Stone. Kunzite and Love should go hand in hand. It also is an excellent crystal for The Heart & Crown Chakras as the shine Pink or Violet Ray Energy. This crystal will open the Heart Chakra allowing for deeper loving relationships, romantic, platonic, & familial, including self-love.
Use Kunzite to keep your Crown Chakra & Energies in balance. The Violet Light Energy and the vibrations of Kunzite make dreams, meditations, Love, your Aura emit Divine Love Energy.

Spodumene is good for communication, luck, self-love, grounding, restoring lost trust & innocence, joyfulness, intuition, psychic powers, and protecting the Aura, Feminine Energy, and anxiety, every kind of Love, and the Chakras.

How To Care For Kunzite
This stone can fade with exposure to heat and bright light.
When you cleanse your crystals can use warm water, moonlight, your favorite smudge stick, or sound. Any of those will clean your stone. Just remember Kunzite doesn't like sunlight or heat!

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