Blue Tourmaline Metaphysical & Chakra Properties
Blue Tourmaline, also known as the shaman stone, is a powerful metaphysically grounding and protective crystal. Blue Tourmaline can help with physical healing, and it will work on any part of the body where there are challenges. Blue Tourmaline has many different metaphysical purposes, but some of the more common uses include: providing protection against psychic attacks; bringing deep calm and serenity to one who carries it or wears it; alleviating anger, fear, and anxiety; providing gentle energy release from addictions; help with sleep disturbances or insomnia.
Blue Tourmaline amplifies energy, both positive and negative. When carried or worn by someone going through a challenging time in their life, Blue Tourmaline provides general protection from energy vampires, draining or negative energies. Blue Tourmaline also protects you from psychic attacks and ill-wishing. Suppose someone is sending energy at you, actively doing so with the intent to harm you or cause you to lose your balance physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or financially (energy vampires come in all forms!). In that case, Blue Tourmaline will help to nullify those energies.
Blue Tourmaline is also said to help protect from electromagnetic stress and EMF pollution/electronic smog of all kinds, including cell phones, computers, televisions, microwave ovens, wireless devices or anything that emits "dirty electricity." Blue Tourmaline aids in the elimination of toxins, heavy metals, and chemicals that are stored in the physical body. It is also said to help with lymphatic problems.
Blue Tourmaline's energy is very grounding on all levels. It helps one feel more connected to Mother Earth (Gaia), primarily through a connection with the ground under your feet! Blue Tourmaline is also said to be helpful with energetic imbalances caused by excess electromagnetic energy from electronics.
Blue Tourmaline will help to increase mental clarity and self-confidence, helping you remember your "power." Blue Tourmaline is an excellent stone for teachers of any kind, as well as speakers, especially those who find themselves feeling "stuck" and in the same pattern doing the same old thing over and over again. Blue Tourmaline can bring aback into your own body, helping you feel more connected to the Earth underneath you, providing a grounded sense of reality that helps to back your consciousness into your physical self from being "spacey," lost or far away in your mind.
Blue Tourmaline helps one feel more connected to the Universe (Source). It is often used as a stone of serenity and peace. As such, it can be helpful for those individuals who have a hard time feeling "in-tune" with what's happening around them in their day-to-day lives. Blue Tourmaline is also used to facilitate conscious dreaming and astral travel, a powerful stone for working with auras.
Blue Tourmaline is said to be an excellent throat chakra crystal, helping one speak the truth from the heart without fear of judgment or retribution. It can help you communicate clearly when under stress. Blue Tourmaline can be used to bring about a more precise, more direct expression of your creative self and help you speak out from the heart. It is said to provide clarity when dealing with the challenges of everyday life and relationships.
Blue Tourmaline stimulates intuition and enhances psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and extra-sensory perception. In addition, it aids in dream recall and is said to help one remember their dreams when they wake up.
Blue Tourmaline helps you become more flexible while clarifying your goals and intentions. In addition, it can provide insights that enable you to make better decisions about some of life's challenges.
Blue Tourmaline is said to help you become more "in tune" with the Earth's energies and vibrations, as well as those of other people. It can be helpful for a variety of mood disorders, including anxiety and depression. Blue Tourmaline is also used to facilitate healing, including physical, mental, emotional, and energetic. Physically, Blue Tourmaline is said to provide relief from exhaustion and insomnia.
Blue Tourmaline can help one develop a sense of inner peace after having experienced life-changing events or trauma, helping one move on from the past. In addition, it can be used as a protective stone for children and during pregnancy [and after pregnancy], protecting both mother and child from harm. Blue Tourmaline is also said to be very helpful with throat issues of all kinds, including sore throats or problems swallowing, hoarseness, or nodules in the throat.
Blue Tourmaline is also an excellent stone to carry with you when you're traveling, especially on an airplane. It can help keep the energy plane grounded instead of being lost in space out on the wings! Blue Tourmaline will work well in combination with any of your other favorite stones to support all levels.

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