Purple Lepidolite is one of the most calming stones you can use or carry. It occurs with other high lithium-bearing minerals and crystals such as Tourmaline or Spodumene. Lepidolite can come in an array of colors from light pink, purple, lavender, and even various green shades. Purple Lepidolite is one of the most popular and of the best stones or crystals you can use for its calming properties. Lavender Lepidolite, a gem of serenity, spiritual purification, and meditation, can help clear many blocked energies in the chakras. It also helps dispel negative energies, thoughts, and negative emotional attachments.
Purple Lepidolite is a high-lithium stone that is very useful for helping to balance one's emotional body and calming the mind. Midnight Lepidolite will help you chill, relax, and, as they say, stop to smell the roses. Dark Purple Lepidolite helps replace the chaotic and erratic with a zen-like calmness and tranquility. Purple Lepidolite helps bring an energetic relief to your aura and lets you let go of the stress and relax, release, and enjoy life and beauty.
Lepidolite comes in an array of colors, so you have a variety to choose from Pinks to lavender, to dark purple, to pale green, golden green, and dark olive green. Even a whitish-gray color too. And I forget to mention it is an excellent stone crystal to use instead of a salt lamp for its high negative Ion energy. It is off the charts, and you don't have to plug it in and use electricity. Just place Lepidolite in your room and let the magic happen.
Lavender Sky, Midnight, Gaia, and Storm are just a few different types of Lepidolite Mineral Goddess Crystals has.
Lepidolite is a must-have in any crystal collectors crystal collection. And for the worrier, it is a definite must-have energy tool to use when you need it.