Mosaic Quartz Mosaic Chalcedony Quartz

Mosaic Quartz Mosaic Chalcedony Quartz 


Mosaic Quartz a unique and beautiful mix of minerals that consists of Clear and Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Opal, Manganese, Granite, Chalcedony, Orange Calcite, Graphite, and Red Aventurine. These minerals and crystals combined emit an energy of warmth, nurturing, and harmony. These unique and beautiful crystals are absolutely one of a kind and will help absorb negative energies. 


What is Mosaic Quartz? 

Mosaic Quartz is White, Orange, Red, Yellow, Brown, Gray, Black, Multicolored. Mosaic Quartz is a mix of minerals that consists of Clear and Smoky Quartz, Hematite, Opal, Manganese, Granite, Chalcedony, Orange Calcite, Graphite, and Red Aventurine. Mosaic Quartz is found in Brazil. 


How to Use Mosaic Quartz?

You can use Mosaic Quartz by holding the crystal in your hands for meditation, and can also be placed on the body for more energy work. Mosaic Quartz set in any sacred space or room, especially your bedroom, will help remove negative energy. And Mosaic Quartz is excellent for gridding with crystals that call to you. 


What Chakra is Mosaic Quartz?

A great crystal for your Third Eye Chakra along with aligning all your Chakras and a vibration frequency of 9. Mosaic Quartz is excellent for all Chakras and will realign your unbalanced Chakras. 


What Are the Properties of Mosaic Quartz?

  • Nurturing and warm energy 
  • Absorbs All Negative Energy in any room it is placed in
  • Releases Stress and Anxiety
  • Unleashes Universal Energy into Your Soul 
  • Tranquility And Harmony 
  • Great for Meditation
  • Excellent Energy tool for Reiki 
  • Gridding Crystal


Where is Mosaic Quartz Found?  

Mosaic Quartz is mined and found in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Mosaic Quartz 

Nurturing/ Absorbs Negative Energy/ Tranquility/Harmony 

Mosaic Quartz a mix of minerals that bring their energy into one gentle crystal. There is a reason why it is called Mosaic Quartz; each piece is like a work of art. Unique and one of a kind with warm tones, it brings a soothing, calm & harmonious energy to any room. This crystal will absorb any negative energy in the room, making way for tranquility & harmony. 

Mosaic Quartz is a crystal that is needed after the stresses of 2020 and everyday life. And wouldn't it be great to have that one stone that gives you some nurturing and warm feelings? Mosaic Quartz is that crystal.  

Mosaic Quartz is nurturing energy. This crystal energy is like a friendly, familiar bear hug, just enveloping you with warm fuzzy feelings. Helping release any stresses and anxieties that block your Chakras and Mind from totally relaxing and releasing the tensions you may be feeling. Mosaic Quartz will bring Universe energy into your Soul.  

One of the best things about Mosaic Quartz is that it absorbs Negative Energy. Place it in any room or space; it absorbs the negative energy in that room or space. How can that be? The minerals and Crystals that make up Mosaic Quartz have qualities and properties that allow it to absorb those unwanted negative energies. 

Mosaic Quartz has helped release the negative energy out of the room and calmed you down, helped release your stresses; in turn, the tranquility and harmony can now encompass you like the warm hug you needed all along. An excellent crystal to have in your collection.