Crystal Protection Set -- Labradorite, Moonstone & Black Tourmaline
You're living in a world that's increasingly full of uncertainty. Of course, uncertainty is not a new phenomenon, but the pace and scale of change today seem to be increasing it. The Crystal Protection Set is a response to this situation. It is an approach to uncertainty that can help you choose your path and avoid being directed by forces outside your control.

If you foresee or are already in a situation where things could go wrong, the Crystal Protection Set centers on making choices based upon power, not fear. The ability to choose freely is a fundamental right of all humans, and you have it.

It seems like there is no shortage of bad news and scary threats these days, from terrorist attacks to natural disasters to cyber-attacks on our computers and phones. This Crystal Protection Set will help you center yourself—to connect with and listen to the vibrational signature that is your highest self. It will give you confidence in your ability to know your truth, trust in yourself and stay grounded during times of increased confusion.

This Crystal Protection Set is the perfect way to protect yourself against all kinds of threats, whether physical or spiritual. These three powerful crystals will clear your chakras from negative energy so you can feel safe when walking down the street or surfing online. They'll also protect by creating an energetic shield around your body that blocks out any harmful influences that might try to enter it through either the air or the ground below you. And if something does get past this protective barrier, the Black Tourmaline will absorb its negativity before it has a chance to harm you physically or mentally!

How to use this Crystal Protection Set: Hold the tourmaline in a hand that you don't write with. Hold the labradorite and moonstone in your dominant hand (the one you normally use for writing). Then, once per day, spend 15 minutes meditating while holding these three stones together as closely as possible. Keep them tight against your body while you do so. Try to tune into the energies that they're putting out and visualize them as a protective shield of white light surrounding your entire body, protecting it both from internal threats (such as stress or anxiety) and external ones (like threats from other people).

As you do this, work on staying present. More specifically, work on the skill of being aware that your thoughts are just thoughts—they're not facts, and they're not real. So be mindful of when a thought arises in your mind and then let it go. Don't judge it or try to make sense of it. Just let it be as you focus your attention on the energies you're feeling from these three crystals.
A powerful secret of this Crystal Protection Set is that when you hold them together, they combine their unique vibrations to create a new energy signature that enhances all the powers and benefits of each stone. You can feel how smooth and silky each piece is, yet they're also amazingly strong. They are surprisingly lightweight for their size but still large enough to feel the power radiating from them when you hold them in your hands.

The result of combining all these stones in a unique arrangement is that you will be able to experience a level of protection that is truly beyond anything else you've ever felt or imagined before.
The powerful Crystal Protection Set was created to be perfect for your physical, emotional, and spiritual body – to ultimately help you feel safe from all harm while at the same time feeling confident that no matter what may come your way, you have everything you need to survive and thrive.

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