Rose Quartz -- A Stone of Love & Calmness
Rose quartz is a pink to a soft rose-colored gemstone. The color shows up when traces of manganese are present. Rose quartz has been around for millions of years; it can be seen in rock formations.
It's known to bring love & harmony into lives as well as emotional healing.
Rose quartz is the official stone of love and romance. It's used as a talisman for helping marriages and relationships or bring a budding relationship to full bloom. Therefore, rose quartz is also known as the "Love Stone." The rose quartz crystal is often given as gifts during weddings or anniversaries for its qualities of bringing love and romance into one's life.
Because of its soft pink color, rose quartz is a popular ornamental stone to use in jewelry, carved into roses, heart shapes, or other forms associated with love. It is also used for carvings, vases, bowls, and other household decorations and utensils, as well as dowsing wands, pendulums, and other instruments.
Rose quartz is one of the most soothing stones for healing emotional scarring or trauma. It can be worn to help heal a broken heart left from a previous love or encourage trust in new relationships.
Rose quartz is also a very calming and soothing stone. Its gentle energy can help relieve stress. It calms hyperactivity, anxiety, and nervousness as well as being an excellent sleep aid. In addition, rose quartz is known to make one feel more loving, gentle, and compassionate towards others while bringing order, peace & harmony into one's life.


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