Green Garnet Healing & Chakra Uses

Green Garnet is a high vibration and heart chakra crystal and one of eleven different Garnets. The Green garnet stone is the traditional birthstone for January. It's symbolic with its connection to the heart and as energy that connects people together. Green Garnet is a stone of friendship, love, loyalty, and commitment. It aids in helping to show people you are committed to them.
Garnets have been used as gemstones and as tools since pre-historic times. Native ancient civilizations recognized that garnets came in different colors: red, black, yellow, and green. The Romans used it to protect themselves from enemies.
The Green garnet has always been a symbol of health and good fortune. The Egyptians would use the stone as an amulet in necklaces, rings, or other jewelry for protection. Pure green garnets are considered rare and valuable. Green garnet is also known as "Viridis," meaning "Iris" in Latin.
Green garnet is the birthstone for January. It is associated with love, commitment, and fidelity and can attract wealth or prosperity and promote fidelity in marriage. Green Garnet also promotes balance within relationships. Green energy helps bring about harmony both internally and externally in all situations.
Green has a chakra healing connection associated with it and remains connected to the heart and is known as a stone of love and friendship, bringing abundance & prosperity to its user. This crystal also enhances intuition and brings clarity to spiritual teachings. Green in color promotes self-confidence and helps release fear or hesitation, causing indecision. It can also help you to follow your heart's desire. It is also a stone of fertility.
Green garnet helps you embrace change in all its forms and is also used for energy relief from stress, anxiety, depression & insomnia. Green Garnet relieves disharmony between the physical body and spirit. If you are ill or have been under a lot of stress, this is the stone to help you recover. It helps cleanse your aura and chakras and protect you from electromagnetic pollution from computers or other electronics.
Green garnet can be used in body layouts for healing blockages in any and all joints that do not allow movement and balance an imbalanced metabolism. Green Garnet is primarily used to heal the heart and in areas related to skin tissue regeneration. It helps regenerate tissues and connects you with your higher self and your Divine guidance to feel more peace and harmony within yourself. The combination of green vibrational energy with the color green can provide creative inspiration and a sense of balance.

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