Scolecite Metaphysical Properties & Healing Uses
Scolecite is a high vibrational crystal that holds the energies of love and light, purifying and enhancing it.
This property can bring clarity to your spiritual path by helping you recognize any blocks or false beliefs that are standing in the way of your love for yourself and others. Scolecite teaches us how to experience life from a loving perspective fully. It helps you develop compassion for yourself and others and allows you to express love freely.
Scolecite also dramatically assists with healing work by helping in the purification of all types of energy.
Scolecite strongly connects to the color violet (violet flame) and helps us connect with our spiritual purpose through this frequency field. It helps us release old energy patterns to allow for new experiences and substantial healing influence for letting go. Scolecite is particularly helpful in times of stress or worry, assisting in transmuting any negative energies into the light so they can be released from your being.
Scolecite encourages creativity in its various forms and can be used for channelling. It is a wonderful crystal to use for healing work on the throat chakra, which governs our ability to understand ourselves and others. The Throat Chakra is also related to communication of thought and creatively expressing original thoughts.
Emotionally, Scolecite is an excellent stone to use in times of despair or sadness, as it can gently lift the spirit and reawaken joy.
Physically, Scolecite is a powerful crystal to aid healing on all levels and transforms pain into pure love energy. It resonates with disease on any level when you are open to it, so go within and ask what it has to offer you. It is a powerful healing crystal for those who feel lonely or misunderstood.
Scolecite also assists with the process of 'letting go' as it assists in helping one recognize when they are holding on to an old belief or energy that isn't beneficial for them anymore.
Scolecite is a 'Stone of Master,' cleansing one of issues and energies that have been gathered over many lifetimes, making it particularly helpful in times of spiritual awakening.
Scolecite is an old crystal to the market, first discovered in 1813 and found worldwide. It has quickly become one of my favorite stones to work with and a stone that I use extensively in my healing practice.

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