Purple Tourmaline Crystals Healing & Chakra Uses
Purple Tourmaline is the color of royalty and was considered sacred in Atlantis. This stone connects one with Divine Intelligence, healing, and self-mastery. It is a powerful stone for manifestation, promotes spiritual awareness, and motivates you to achieve your highest potential.

Purple Tourmaline crystals are used for chronic pain, anxiety/depression, insomnia (difficulty sleeping), irritability (especially children), focusing during meditation/prayer & protection from psychic attack while working with the Third Eye Chakra. These stones help to move energy blockages out of the body by absorbing negative energies into them. They are often worn or carried when meditating because they enhance meditation due to their grounding influence on the emotional, spiritual and physical bodies, particularly the root chakra. In addition, they enhance psychic abilities such as clairvoyance, clairaudience, and intuition.

Energetically, the Purple Tourmaline is a very grounding and protective stone. It brings stability to one's life and increases vitality. It attracts success in all areas of life. This crystal helps you release old wounds, whether emotional or physical, allowing for a more positive attitude and outlook on life while encouraging optimism and good spirits. Energies are dispersed throughout your body and find their way into your auric field (energy body) where they will remain long after the stone itself has been discarded.
It is excellent for healing Crown Chakra, especially when combined with either Amethyst Crystals (Crown - Third Eye) or Clear Quartz Crystals (the Crown). It promotes psychic abilities, including visions that lead to spiritual understanding, inner truth, and/or astral travel. Purple Tourmaline also strengthens memory, so it may be used during meditation to create a more apparent connection between the physical mind & spirit body while facilitating an increase in psychic gifts such as clairvoyance, clairaudience; intuition; and prophecy. Purple Tourmaline is associated with both the Crown Chakra (Divinity), Third Eye Chakra (Intuition), and Root Chakra (Grounding). The energies from these three chakras are incorporated into your energy body, charging it up. Therefore, this crystal is one of the best stones to use when working with or recharging your Chakras.

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