Kunzite -- Divine Love Stone
Kunzite is Divine Love. Spiritually this beautiful soft violet high vibration crystal will connect you to the Angelic Spirit Realms. Kunzite carries the frequency of Divine Love, and this energy opens you and your heart up to all energies of love. Kunzite energy is compassionate, kind, happiness and joyful. When this energy is flowing through you, it helps release emotional blockages, buried experiences, and emotional debris. Kunzite is a stone for unconditional love and reinvigorates you to remove the fear. Kunzite energy has an Aura shield to protect you and blocks any negativity from you.

Since Kunzite is such a high vibrational crystal, it is terrific to work with or wear. This loving energy helps when you are low on love and need some positive Violet Ray energy. Its high vibing energy blocks negativity, releases stress and allows for pure Divine Love to enter your Aura. By allowing Divine Love, you can let your true innermost self shine through bringing out the very best You. This is great for self-expression, creativity, and communication.

Using Kunzite for meditation can bring one into deep relaxation and connect you to the Angelic Spirit Realms. It releases Violet Ray Energy. An excellent Heart & Crown Chakra Crystal. Using Kunzite for Heart Chakra work will open Heart for Divine Love and Communication and bring a sense of pure love into your body. Using Kunzite for Crown Chakra work will open your Crown, the Top of the Head, keeps all your Chakras in balance, and allows you to be destined for Divine Love.

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