How To Use Tourmalines for Meditations
An excellent way to use tourmaline is to put a piece of it in your hand. Tourmaline in its natural form can be used as an energy conductor position in a crystal formation. It calms the mind and helps focus thoughts. It aligns the chakras and brings in energy from higher dimensions.
When placed on the skin, tourmaline is said to heal and regenerate nerve damage. Tourmaline is also used for its qualities of protection from radiation (EMF's). In addition, it offers shielding from outside negative energies and influences such as spirits, psychic vampires & general ill will. Tourmaline can clear these entities out of your environment.
It then transforms negative energy into positive energy and transmutes the vibrations of that energy. Another use for tourmaline is to purify energies from water (put a piece in your water glass).
Tourmaline accessories: You can use it on chakra bracelets, necklaces, anklets, or rings. Tourmaline is used to balance the body and mind. It helps organize thoughts and perceptions, enabling you to focus your mental energy on specific projects with clarity and understanding.
Here's an example of a healing crystal meditation for you to try today:
Place the clear quartz crystal point in your left hand. Next, put a piece of tourmaline in your right hand and hold it about an inch from your forehead.
Close your eyes, take several deep breaths, and focus on the extraordinary sensations that are moving through your body as you breathe.
Feel any stress or anxiety-dissolving with each breath
Feel peaceful, calm, centered, and at ease
Imagine your mind being filled with healing white light. Visualize it flowing into every cell, organ, and tissue of your body
Feel the energy moving up through your crown chakra, down through each ray in turn (like an energetic spiral staircase) as you focus on the crystal in your right hand
Take several more minutes to enjoy the feeling. As you open your eyes, notice how calm and clear you feel. Take a moment to record any interesting feelings or insights that came up during this meditation.

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