Golden Healer Quartz -- A High Vibration Crystal with Golden Ray Energy

Golden Healer Quartz is a silicon dioxide mineral with a hexagonal crystal system and hardness of 7. These crystals are characterized by rich yellow coatings on part or all of their surfaces, caused by the presence of hematite; these were first excavated in Arkansas, USA, around the 1980s' period before being quickly recognized as having metaphysical properties. It's said that they bring about feelings of warmth and calmness to those who come into contact with them - coincidentally at just the same rate, it takes for this coating to form (caused when ambient oxygen interacts with iron oxide). Golden Healers mainly originate from Brazil nowadays but have been found across the globe too since then.

Golden Healer Quartz crystals emanate profoundly powerful currents for the healing of the body and expansion of consciousness. When I sat down to work with one of the Brazilian specimens, intense waves of pleasurable energy came in through my hands and swept throughout my body. At first, the waves moved up towards the head area, and then my skull felt awash in a delicious, energetic nectar sensation that gave me an exquisite experience of feeling alive! Then, as I sat longer on this particular specimen, these loving current flows entered the heart region, which made it beat stronger as if welcoming what had come into its space - quite amazing!

The Golden Being of the Healer Quartz told me about its nature when I asked. It said, "I am a divine messenger who rides upon the current of Divine Fire and brings messages from God to all." The stone also made it clear that this was just one aspect in which they played their role as healers for humanity; what I felt is what we call Immortal Light coming down into mortal form.

Touching on my inquiry regarding how these stones might be able to help people around here with healing purposes (such as myself), the being showed an image where golden spires were reaching up through the night sky towards some unknown point while simultaneously touching down onto Earth's surface at another location. I sit in meditation, contemplating a beautiful, golden sun. I feel my own energy light up and connect with the Sun's powerful rays of fire that are so familiar to me at this point; they're like an old friend. Once again, I find myself surrounded by these comforting waves of warmth without even knowing how it happened; but then, as if someone just clicked on the lights all around us- there is gold fever everywhere!

I'm looking through Brazilian crystals - Golden Healers specifically attuned to spiritual Fire or Gold White Ray (same thing), which resonates well within our interconnected Earthly plane where we can ground their energies for the good of themselves. 

I received another `spoken' message from the stone. It said, 'I can aid in the healing of your bodies, and this is very good, but I can also work with you to heal the world, which would be much better.' Suddenly, an image came into my mind; people held Golden Healer Crystals, each glowing with Golden Light forming a web that grew around Earth.

This showed me that it's Divine Messenger's mission through these crystals to facilitate Earth fulfilling her destiny as Planet of Light.

Golden healers are stones that provide healing from the inside out for self or others as they work to mend and restore health on all levels. Golden Healer Quartz is one of these crystal helpers; it resonates with heart energy and can help you keep your circulation system in tip-top shape while boosting spiritual light throughout every part of your body!

Golden Healers are capable of providing access to Consciousness and the Golden Realm. That is not only for a single human being 2,000 years ago but as an innate capacity in each person. When we have surrendered fully-the surrender that's not passive but infused with focused intent from all atoms of oneself-then our awareness will open up to this golden realm where the Gold Light can enter into the world through us! The vibrational frequency emitted by these crystals would resonate with such an experience, too; they emit pure light frequencies, which create healing effects on every level or dimension imaginable.

SPIRITUAL As pure stones of the Golden Ray, Golden Healer Quartz crystals aid in drawing the highest spiritual Light into the human being and the Earth. They can initiate one's connection to consciousness. 

EMOTIONAL The positive energy emitted by these unique gems is infused with joy that brings emotional balance to remind you how blessed life is when we appreciate what we have instead of always wanting more. 

AFFIRMATION I awaken to my inner Golden light. 

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