Clear Quartz Healing Properties & Uses
Clear Quartz is a master healer crystal. It does not have a polarity and can amplify the energy of whatever it touches. Clear Quartz is also suitable for manifesting purposes, which means that it can help you bring your desires into reality. This stone has a very high vibration and works well with all chakras. It carries a strong healing vibration and is one of the most powerful stones for removing negative energy. In addition, clear Quartz has been shown to be able to cleanse other crystals of their impurities and re-energize them in the process.

Clear Quartz provides clarity on all levels by helping one see what is in front of them and creating mental clarity and order. It has an abundance effect - which means that it can amplify any energy active around it (i.e., if you are angry or upset while wearing/touching clear Quartz, then feelings will intensify). Thus, Quartz helps one sort through problems and eliminate confusion, bringing mental clarity to difficult situations. It also protects from psychic attacks, purifies your energy, and helps to keep your energy body intact.

Clear Quartz is an excellent stone for healing, but it does not specifically target any ailments or symptoms. It works to amplify the energy of whatever it touches so that you can use Clear Quartz with other healing stones for an enhanced effect. This makes Clear Quartz a good choice if you are looking to enhance the power of another stone that has already been selected for its specific benefits (for example, using Clear Quartz with Rose Quartz may help heal heart issues). Clear Quartz can also be used during meditation by placing it in your hand and multiple spots in your room. For example, for use when sleeping, place under your pillow at night to help lift nightmares from the hidden recesses of the mind.

Clear Quartz is an excellent stone for spiritual growth and psychic development because it has a strong piezoelectric charge that allows one to program energy more easily than other stones. In addition, clear Quartz can be used as an amplifier for other crystals to bring their powers into the physical body and help one achieve a hands-on healing experience. Because the type of quartz crystal you use will affect your experiences, we recommend researching before deciding which quartz crystal to purchase.
You can use Clear Quartz in self-clearing or self-healing meditations by holding it above each chakra while visualizing problems being healed and energized. Clear Quartz will aid in this process by amplifying the color frequency of the stones. Clear Quartz is also an excellent stone to use when creating crystal grids, medicine wheels, and sacred geometric patterns.

Since Clear Quartz absorbs energies very quickly, it is recommended that one cleanses their Clear Quartz crystals often. A method for cleansing Clear Quartz is to place them in sea salt or rock salt overnight. You can also cleanse your clear Quartz with sunlight, moonlight, or starlight (i.e., by placing them outside during the day and/or night). Finally, smudging your crystal with sage will rid any negative energy from being absorbed while holding it.

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