Why Stones Work: A Theory

Many of you are already familiar, through experience, with the energetic and spiritual properties of crystals and minerals. Others are likely to be new to all of this. a goodly number from both camps may wonder as I did, about how and why of it all. How can something inorganic like a stone affect a living organism, such as me, with an experience I would describe as "energy"? What is crystal energy anyway? how does the experience if stone energies relate to anything spiritual? Why can some people 'feel' crystals while others can't? Where does the information on the energetic properties of stones come from, and why should anyone pay attention to it? During my experience with working with stones, I've come to accept the fact of crystal energies and the human capacity to consciously experience them, and I've developed ideas that provisionally answer some of those persistent questions. 

One of the most surprising aspects of the crystal world is its pervasiveness. all solid matter is made up of atomic particles arranged in some definite organized crystalline structure, called a 'lattice'. The crystal lattice structure, especially a it is found in minerals such as Quartz, Beryl, Diamond, ect., provides great stability if structure and regularity of flow of any electromagnetic energies that move through it. This is why silicon chips are used to provide memory in computers. It is also the reason Quartz crystals can be incorporated into watches and clocks to provide highly accurate measurements of time.

the idea of conscious linkage through the use if crystals with the source of life--The Divine--is by no means new. Indigenous cultures in both North america and Burma, Amazonian Indigenous, Australian Aborigines, as well as old world alchemy have believed Clear Quartzes to be living entities and presented them both food as ritual offerings. Crystal balls brought back by the Crusaders were said to possess magical powers. In Scotland and Ireland, spheres of rock crystals were long used to cure diseases in cattle. In past cultures of Central and South America, Quartz crystals carved into the shapes of human skulls were venerated as powerful religious objects--the dwellings of deceased ancestors or Gods. 

The ancient Japanese, who revered dragons in their creation myths, believed Quartz was formed from the breath of a white dragon. To them, Quartz represented perfection, which, through unattainable, as worthy of pursuit. Quartz played instrumental roles in the rain rituals of Native Americans and australian Aborigines. the Egyptian Goddess Isis was said to protect the dead with a Carnelian amulet named Thet. Greek mythology extols Amethyst as a stone capable of granting spiritual protection from intoxication and also speaks of Garnet as a stones that can, through divine benevolent supernatural properties of stones in world mythology, and a number of them are recounted at the beginnings of our sections on individual stones. The examples above are presented to demonstrate that throughout history humanity has held an awareness that certain stones offer access to spiritual beings and Divine energies. Today's widespread interest in the metaphysical properties of stones has picked up many of these old threads and is beginning to weave them into a tapestry of deeper understanding.