What Do I Do With My Stones?

There are millions of people all over the world that have been collecting gems and minerals for their metaphysical properties, and they use their stones in a multiplicity of ways. There is the collector who simply places her crystals around intention, protection, grounding, and to give a home a calm soothing feeling. There is the healer who designs complex and personalized stone energy tools. They both are working to benefit themselves, their surroundings, and others through stone energies. I'll mention just a few of the ways tap into what the crystal and mineral world has to offer. 

Crystal Environment 

To find what crystals to select let the stones come to you. You should feel drawn to them, once you have chosen them cleanse the energy from them, and place them around your home or work area. I, along with many people like to use Quartz Clusters and Quartz Crystals to purify the energies of their home or office, creating a positive, healing vibration in the space.Believe it or not many traditional non metaphysical people actually enjoy and have crystals in their spaces and us them in some of their practices. Any number of other stones can be added to enhance the environmental energies further, depending in one's needs and desires. Some individuals place protection stones at the openings of their homes, while others concentrate their collections in a meditation room or personal alter. Outdoors, one can go even further, placing stones at the property boundaries or in a grid pattern around the house, garden, and meditation area. All such arrangements can be beneficially affect one's day to day experience, and that of those who enter one's space. 

Holding and Caring

Most crystal lovers have a selection of 'pocket stones' from which they can select, according to the needs of the day. One of the best ways to choose a stone is if it calls to you. If the energy calls to you. Once you get your crystal hold it in both hands and feel the energy flowing throughout your body. Both holding and carrying stones has the effect of bringing their vibrational emanations into one's auric field, allowing for the beneficial modification of one's energies. 

Wearing Stones In Pouches and Jewelry

A natural extension of the practice of holding and carrying stones is to wear them n 'medicine pouches' or incorporate them into jewelry pieces. Both of these practices have gone on for many centuries. (For instance, the crowns of kings and queens, who were viewed as representatives of the gods, included gems which were intended to facilitate communication with the spiritual realms.) One advantage of pouches and jewelry pieces is that they allow one to incorporate combinations of stones which work together to produce the desired effects.Other jewelry pouch combinations might include ascension stones, protection stones, healing stones, love energy stones, prosperity stones. The most important thing is for the stone or stones to be in one's auric field. One's energy field is holographic, meaning that the vibrational pattern of the whole can be observed or altered from any point within the field. In some cases--for instance when one is using stones to heal or open the heart--proximity if the stones ti the area of focus can be beneficial. By the same token, energies through their hands. All of these choices can be discerned through attention to one's intuitive impulses. 

Meditation With Stones 

Perhaps the single best means to learn to 'feel' crystal energies is to hold a stone or several stones during meditation. In meditation, one works to gently clear the mind of thought and enter a state of positive receptivity. many of the serenity-inducing stones, such as Celestite, can help one achieve this state. Other stones which one may choose for purposes of shifting consciousness, healing, or activating specific energy centers in the body or aura will have their strongest effects during meditation. This is because meditation quiets the mind stringer, and allows new influences to penetrate consciousness. Thus during meditation, the stones feel stringer, not only because one is able to pay closer attention to subtle changes, but also because the state of openness allows for more pronounced effects. Meditation with stones is the major means by which such processes are initiated, and it is during meditation that my own most profound experiences with stones have happened. 


One means by which we all move into other realms of consciousness is through dreams. Because of their ability to alter the pattern of one's energy field, many crystals and minerals can powerfully affect one's dreams state--brining more frequent and vivid dreams--dreams containing spiritual guidance, dreams of visitations' from departed loved ones, lucid dreams, astral travel, and other types of out-of-body-experiences. Moldavite, for example, when taped to the forehead or tucked int the pillowcase, will almost always facilitate multiple, extremely vivid dreams of high spiritual content, even for people who insist that they never dream. In fact when I use Moldavite in this way I almost always wake up at 3am and remove the stones so I can go back to sleep. Herkimer Diamonds increase the visionary quality of dreams and can make people dream in color. Celestite, Danburite can help uplift one's dream scenes to the angelic realms. This is another great area for experimentation. Just slip the appropriate stone into your pillowcase and see where you go. 

P.S. Be Sure to Keep a Sleep Journal!!!

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