Phantom Amethyst Metaphysical and Healing Properties

Phantom Amethyst

This is a beautiful, polished Amethyst crystal with distinct phantoms within it. The Phantoms are caused by the different layers of minerals that make up this stone. This stone is also known as Ghost Crystal and Skeleton Quartz because of the ghost-like appearance of the phantoms within. It is believed to be a very powerful healing stone that can help you heal from past trauma, stress and anxiety. It has a number of different benefits for your physical health and emotional wellbeing.

What is Phantom Amethyst?

Phantom Amethyst is a natural Amethyst with phantoms of Smoky Quartz within it. It often has some color zoning or internal fractures as well but these are not considered flaws in any way. This crystal can vary from deep purple to pale lavender color and opaque in clarity. It ranges from transparent to translucent meaning how much light passes through it when held up to the light. Phantom quartz crystals are usually small but they have been found weighing hundreds of pounds as well!

Phantom Amethyst Properties

Phantom amethyst is a crystal that is filled with smaller crystals at its core. It is most often black or a smoky color but can come in other colors as well.

The larger crystal is generally amethyst and it contains inside of itself smaller crystals which are typically some type of quartz, but they can also be any mineral. The presence of the different minerals within the main stone indicate many things, including the process and stages of personal growth, spiritual advancement and even healing.

The smaller crystals inside the main crystal symbolize beginning or birth and then growth towards maturity. This can represent your own personal process and journey to achieve enlightenment or development in yourself, your career or any pursuit you are undertaking that requires time, dedication and determination to achieve success.

Scientific Properties of Phantom Amethyst

Phantom Amethyst Metaphysical and Healing Properties:

Scientific Properties of Phantom Amethyst:

  • Scientific Name: Amethyst (quartz)

  • Chemical Composition: SiO2

  • Hardness: 7

  • Crystal System: Trigonal (3-sided prism)

  • Density : 2.65 gms/cc

  • Color: Purple to red-violet, white, yellow, gray or brown with stripes or bands in various shades of these colors.

  • Refractive Index (RI): 1.544 - 1.553

Metaphysical Properties of Phantom Amethyst

Phantom Amethyst is a beautiful stone of the quartz family with powerful metaphysical properties. The main crystal represents spiritual growth and healing, as well as feminine energy. The smaller crystals within represent the Goddess's children, or followers. This stone is perfect for any seeker who wants to discover more about their own spirituality or tap into their feminine energy.

Phantom Amethyst Meaning

Phantom Amethyst meaning is representative of the three aspects that make up Amethyst's metaphysical properties; the stone of the Crown Chakra, compassion, healing and unconditional love. Phantom Amethyst includes the three stones, Amethyst, Smokey Quartz and Cacoxenite.

Phantom Amethyst is a great meditation and psychic work tool. It can aid with physical relaxation during these exercises too. You might also find yourself becoming a better listener as you connect with others on a deeper level.

Amethyst is also very beneficial in many areas of daily life. It can help heal eye problems and balance blood sugar levels as well as lower high blood pressure and help fight addictions such as smoking or drug use. If you're struggling with quitting smoking or other addictive behaviors, hold an amethyst when you feel the urge to smoke or are tempted by a craving to drink alcohol or take drugs.

Magical Properties of Phantom Amethyst

Phantom Amethyst is a stone for psychic work, especially for those who are new to their gifts. It is also good for spiritual growth, connecting with your life’s purpose and meditation.

Zodiac/Astrological Properties of Phantom Amethyst

Phantom Amethyst is good for all zodiac signs; however, it will be more effective if you are a Leo or an Aquarius. On the other hand, Leo and Aquarius are the most energetic star signs which are associated with Phantom Amethyst.

  • Leo star sign: July 23 – August 22

If you were born between July 23 and August 22, then you belong to the star sign of Leo—the fifth sign of the zodiac. There are many interesting traits about being a member of this zodiac sign which makes Phantom Amethyst a suitable gemstone for people who have this star sign. One trait is that they highly appreciate beautiful things in life; they love to indulge in luxurious living and often enjoy being treated like royalty. They also crave attention from others because they want to be loved by their friends and family members. A Phantom Amethyst will help them feel grounded because it has strong healing powers that can calm these people down when they become too much excited about something or someone.

  • Aquarius star sign: January 20 – February 18

If you were born between January 20 and February 18, then it means that your zodiac sign is Aquarius—the eleventh sign of the zodiac. People who fall under this category tend to be aloof at times because they don’t always trust others easily; however, those who have proven themselves worthy of their friendship will find them loyal friends indeed! The reason why Phantom Amethysts work so well for these individuals is due to its ability to enhance communication skills as well as increase their psychic abilities so that they can better understand what other people might be thinking about them when communicating face-to-face without saying anything out loud whatsoever (e.g., through body language). This stone also helps balance out emotions such as anger or sadness that may arise during stressful situations like work deadlines or relationship problems by bringing peace back into one's heart chakra."

Phantom Amethyst Chakra Properties

Phantom Amethyst is associated with the third eye chakra. The third eye chakra is said to be the chakra of perception and command. It controls our ability to see the big picture and connect to intuition. The functioning of this chakra allows us to see what we aim for in life, where we want to go and who we want to become.

The third eye chakra is also known as Ajna in Sanskrit, which translates as 'beyond wisdom'. It directs our sight and everyday awareness of the world. Our consciousness is located here, and we relate to ourselves through this chakra. The state of this chakra influences how open or blocked you are toward new experiences, people and information that comes your way, including spiritual ideas and practices.

Phantom Amethyst Healing Properties

As a violet-colored crystal, this stone is often used for spiritual healing and to stimulate the crown chakra. The phantom inside the crystal can symbolize past lives that are influencing your future, or past traumas that continue to manifest within you. By working with phantom amethyst, you can heal those past traumas and let go of negative energy surrounding them.

Phantom amethyst is also associated with the divine feminine energy and may be used in healing practices as a result. This crystal promotes harmony between masculine and feminine energies within yourself so that you can better empathize with others' points of view and use both sides of your brain optimally. Many people report feeling more stable emotionally while working with this stone.

Physically, phantom amethyst may be beneficial during meditation because it allows you to relax more deeply into your thoughts or even fall asleep. In addition, it is said to balance blood sugar levels in diabetics; help treat eye problems; aid digestion; ease headaches, migraines and pain; help reduce inflammation; detoxify the body; reduce stress; improve sleep quality; boost immunity; ease tension from nervousness or anxiety attacks, especially if it's caused by phobias or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD); calm anger brought on by jealousy or envy; relieve sadness brought on by depression or grief over the loss of a loved one (especially if combined with amazonite); increase fertility in women who have difficulty getting pregnant due to hormonal imbalance (especially if combined with rhodonite); support bone growth during pregnancy (especially if combined with snow quartz) because it's associated with calcium absorption/metabolism in the body; support overall prenatal health and development of a fetus in utero (especially if combined with any other pregnancy crystals like moonstone); assist during childbirth delivery due to its association with calcium absorption/metabolism in the body and its ability to ease pain from contractions (especially if combined with aquamarine).

Phantom Amethyst Spiritual Healing Energy

  • Spiritual Healing Energy

Phantom Amethyst enhances all spiritual endeavors. It is a protective, grounding and calming stone that connects with the crown chakra and stimulates it as well. It enhances psychic gifts, and can help you to connect with your life's purpose, meet your spiritual destiny, connect with your inner self and higher self.

Phantom Amethyst Emotional Healing Energy

Phantom Amethyst has the ability to help you stay calm and relaxed. It helps to heal your mind and body when you are feeling stressed or overwhelmed by life.

It will help you to look at things from a new perspective, as well as see the positive in every situation so that you can find a solution rather than being held back by problems.

It assists in letting go of things that are holding you back, allowing you to move forward with optimism into your future.

Phantom Amethyst Goddess Crystal

Phantom Amethyst honors the Triple Goddess, known as the Maiden, Mother and Crone. The Maiden is the symbol of young love and innocence, her crystalline growth represents a new beginning. The Mother crystal is an image of fertility and abundance; a source of nourishment and comfort. And the Crone is a symbol of wisdom and repose; she is at peace on her journey towards death and rebirth.

The Goddess energy represented by Phantom Amethyst teaches us to understand that our thoughts are creative forces. We must learn to focus upon what we wish to draw into our lives, for this determines what we create into reality through our own thoughts.

It is an excellent stone for meditation, and great for spiritual exploration.

Keeping a piece of Phantom Amethyst with you can help you to stay calm and relaxed at all times. It is an excellent stone for meditation, and great for spiritual exploration. It helps us to recognize the innate perfection in the Universe and allows us to understand that everything flows in its perfect time. Use it when you are going through any type of change that impacts your entire life or just a part of your life.

The purple color of the main crystal represents the feminine energy of the Goddess, and the smaller crystals within represent the Goddess's children, or followers.

The purple crystal is the color of the Divine Feminine. The smaller crystals within represent those who work in service to the Divine. If you are drawn to this stone it could be that your soul has a connection with healing, or you have chosen to be a healer in this lifetime. This stone may also assist you on your spiritual journey, leading you toward wisdom and enlightenment as you follow your path of spiritual discovery.

The crystals are also symbolic of the many facets of our personalities, and what we need to align them.

As a crystal with many small crystals growing on it, Phantom Amethyst is symbolic of the many facets, or parts of our personalities. We all have different sides to us which may seem to be in conflict. Sometimes we want to follow new ideas, but at other times we may feel that it's safer to remain in our own space and not try anything new. The smaller crystals represent followers or children, whilst the main part is symbolic of the Goddess herself.

Sometimes we need help finding unity within ourselves and this is exactly what this crystal can do for you! It helps to align all those different aspects of your personality into a harmonious whole. As you sit quietly holding your crystal, you will be able to see quite clearly which of your facets needs attention right now.

The crown chakra is stimulated by this stone, and it can enhance psychic gifts as well.

This stone stimulates the crown chakra which is located at the top of your head and is related to the brain and nervous system. The crown chakra is very important because it is your connection with the universe, a transfer point between you and the Divine.

Phantom Amethyst can be used as a valuable tool to enhance psychic gifts. It has been used often in meditation and crystal healing sessions. Phantom Amethyst can open up new areas of intuitive awareness, especially if you are clairvoyant or clairaudient.

It is a powerful stone for psychic visioning and can help you understand your own life’s purpose, by helping you get to know yourself on a deeper level.

It can also help you connect with your life's purpose.

The phantom amethyst crystal can help you connect to your life purpose by allowing you to see the bigger picture. The spirit of the phantom amethyst will help you tap into your own inner strength and wisdom, so that you can make the best choices for yourself and find your true path in life. It will also help you focus on what it is that you truly want from life, so that you know what goals to strive for when taking the necessary steps to get there.

This stone is related to both the zodiac signs Leo and Aquarius.

Leo is a fire sign, and is ruled by the heart chakra. They are known for being confident, playful and generous. They are extremely kind and loyal, but can be stubborn and self-centered at times.

Aquarius is an air sign, and is ruled by the throat chakra. Aquarians are known for being altruistic, original and inventive. Although they are very determined individuals who stand up for their believes no matter what, they can also come across as rebellious or eccentric when others don’t agree with them.

Like Amethyst, this stone has strong connections to the Divine Feminine energy, and is representative of compassion, healing and unconditional love.

Phantom amethyst is often used to stimulate the crown chakra, the energy center linked to intuition, openness and spirituality. Phantom amethyst makes a great connection with your spirit guides and can aid you in connecting with your Akashic records.

The Divine Feminine energy is a common theme associated with phantom amethyst, just like it's parent stone amethyst. It will help balance out masculine and feminine energies within you, and bring compassion, healing and unconditional love into your life.

Many metaphysical healers use phantom crystals as they are said to contain ancient wisdom within them. Perhaps one of the most interesting things about this crystal is that many believe that its smaller crystals were trapped inside of it at a previous time of existence before being released for our viewing pleasure!

Physically, this stone can aid with physical relaxation during meditation and psychic work, make one a better listener, help heal eye problems and balance blood sugar levels.

Physically, this stone can aid with physical relaxation during meditation and psychic work, make one a better listener, help heal eye problems and balance blood sugar levels.

Phantom amethyst is also used to help treat disorders of the head and brain including migraines, headaches and vertigo. It has also been known to ease the pain associated with dental problems such as toothaches. This stone will also help relieve symptoms associated with colds, flu or bronchitis. A phantom amethyst elixir can be used for treating any conditions of the thyroid or digestive system.

Healing crystals should not be placed in direct contact with skin as they may retain energies from past uses that could cause unwanted effects. Cleansing your healing crystals regularly helps clear their energies so they can more effectively transfer into your body. Handmade jewelry should be cleansed before being worn to remove any residual energy left over from being created.

Phantom Amethyst is a very powerful stone that symbolizes spiritual growth, healing and feminine energy

A powerful stone with many properties, phantom amethyst is a very interesting and beautiful stone to have. They’re especially good for those who are looking to go through healing and spiritual growth. Moreover, there are many ways that you can use this stone in your life and it will prove to be very helpful in achieving your emotional and physical goals. Below you’ll learn more about the different properties of this beautiful crystal.

Metaphysical Properties

  • First off, this stone has a strong connection to the spirit world. In fact, they appreciate magic users because they help them expand their spirit knowledge and skills! Furthermore, the crystal is known for enhancing one’s magical abilities as well as psychic abilities!

  • Also, amethyst phantoms help bring balance into your life so that it can move towards an ideal state of being (one without chaos or excess). You’ll find that after using these stones for awhile, everything will start flowing smoothly again whether it be relationships between friends/family members or business dealings with others out there in society at large – all aspects of existence tend toward natural harmony thanks to their presence as mediators between conflicting parties (people/ideas/forces).