Larimar -- Folk Lore, Metaphysical Properties & Chakra

Larimar is a rare blue stone found in the Dominican Republic. It is a variety of pectolites and means "Sea Water" in the native language. It is a combination of pectolite and calcite and typically varies between blue, green, and white shades. Larimar was discovered in 1974 in the Dominican Republic. Larimar occurs in crystal form as deep blue plates and powder-blue needle-like crystals. The color is due to impurities of cobalt or iron - very similar to Turquoise, but without the porosity or cracks. It was named after Larissa Riquelme (who discovered it) by her husband, who thought its light blue hue resembled her eyes. Often confused with Turquoise, this stone's attributes are even more potent! It comes from volcanos in the Caribbean area and has been found in large deposits near Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. The most desirable Larimar is deep blue with streaks of white. Other colors are yellow, green, white, and brownish-purple.

Larimar has been used for centuries to bring peace and calmness to those who wear it. It has been found to aid in balancing the heart chakra and calming emotions. In ancient Atlantis, it was used for protection against negative energies. It is not as hard as sapphire, but it is said to be even more healing. It has a very high vibration, which can help protect from psychic attacks and balance the chakras.

Larimar is also known as the stone of Atlantis. Atlantis was a very advanced civilization that existed thousands of years ago. A natural disaster destroyed it, and this is why it is believed to have been underwater, as the crystal formation has many water-like characteristics. It is said that crystals from Atlantis have healing properties, unlike any others. They were found in the pyramid temples by Mexican miners and are currently being used in jewelry but mostly kept as collector's items.

Some of the characteristics of Larimar include clarity and purity, as well as peace and calmness. These traits make it a beautiful stone to wear for someone who wants to stay balanced in their everyday life. It helps dissipate negativity, especially negative emotions like fear, anger, or sorrow. The energy in this crystal can be used for meditation, reiki, crystal energy, and more. Some people even believe that wearing this stone can help heal depression. It is also known to be one of the best stones for dream recall, so if you want to remember your dreams and learn more from them, this may be a good crystal for you!

Larimar can help with many emotional issues, such as anxiety, fear, and allowing yourself to feel joy. The high vibration of the stone helps anyone who has trouble feeling these emotions in their daily life. It also allows people to thrive and go after their life's purpose without hesitation or worry. Larimar stimulates positive actions within those who wear it when they feel stuck emotionally or physically. It allows you to move forward into what feels right and works well for your body. People may find that they are more willing to take chances with their lives, leading them down a path of better health.

It has been beneficial for those who feel stuck in the past or worry that others have already written them off. This crystal will help create new opportunities if someone feels they do not have many left available. It helps you move forward towards what makes your heart happy, no matter what anyone else thinks about it! Larimar is believed to bring success, wealth, and happiness when combined with other crystals like rose quartz or green tourmaline. It also works well with Kunzite. This combination helps bring prosperity and abundance into the wearer's life much faster than they would have ever imagined.

Larimar is known as the stone of Atlantis. Atlantis was a very advanced civilization that existed thousands of years ago. A natural disaster destroyed it, and this is why it is believed to have been underwater, as the crystal formation has many water like characteristics. Some people believe that they can still find pieces of this once great city in the ocean today. People may also find these crystals on beaches after storms or hurricanes hit certain areas.

Many cultures use Larimar for one thing: relaxation and meditation. Those who meditate with it often experience journeys into dreams which are similar to lucid dreaming. In addition, many people say they feel peace, happiness, and even gratitude while wearing this stone or holding it in their hands.

It has been said that this stone can help you once again find an inner sense of peace and happiness, especially if you are going through emotional stress or a negative situation. If someone feels anxious, scared, worried, or stressed about something that occurred in the past, Larimar can help calm them down so they don't feel as nervous anymore. If your job is causing you to worry more than necessary because of deadlines or other reasons, wearing this crystal may help eliminate some of the stress. There are a few different ways in which it works for those who need peace and clarity. Larimar can help balance hormones within your body when you have difficulty creating healthy balance (specifically during stressful times). It may also help you make more balance between your mind and body so that, when adverse situations occur, your body will remain calm instead of being stressed. Larimar is often used by those who have difficulties sleeping due to their emotions or stress. If someone feels uncomfortable in their life but does not know what they can change about it, Larimar can help them see what may be causing the feeling of uneasiness. It allows people to use this knowledge for self-growth and healing while taking steps forward towards a happier future.
If you are struggling with relationships or family issues, wearing Larimar may bring some clarity into the situation because of its ability to clear any blockage out of your system. Once this happens, you may be able to view the problem with a sense of objectivity. You may even be able to communicate more clearly and effectively.

If you have been feeling stressed or anxious, Larimar can connect you back to what is essential in your life so that you feel grounded again. It allows you time for self-reflection, which will help release any worries preventing you from being happy and healthy. Larimar helps those who find it difficult to relax and to let go of negative emotions when they arise. It will also help heal emotional stress if someone has been through a tragedy sometime in the past. People say that this crystal is beneficial during times of grief because of its ability to ground energy within oneself instead of being misplaced into the atmosphere.
Those who have experienced past life regression may find it helpful to hold Larimar while doing such a meditation. It will also help you undergo a more positive and fulfilling experience when meditating in general. Those who are stressed or anxious about an upcoming event, such as a trip or vacation, can wear the stone during that time so that they feel calm and grounded within themselves. Wearing this crystal on your body can also help relieve chronic illness from an emotional standpoint because of its ability to balance both mind and body.

If you tend to overindulge in alcohol, smoking, or drugs, wearing Larimar may bring some clarity back into your life so that you become motivated to change these negative habits and return to a healthier lifestyle.
The stone is an excellent overall healing crystal because it helps boost your physical health while also clearing negative energy from your mind, body, spirit, and heart. For example, those who have difficulty breathing may find it helpful to meditate by holding Larimar in their hand because it encourages deeper breaths even during times when they feel calm and relaxed.

Larimar is also a powerful Throat Chakra Crystal. Larimar can help with any blockages on the Throat Chakra and will help you release the blocks. Thus, you allow for more precise communication at all levels, whether personal, business, or internal contact with Angels. Larimar is a feminine stone and will help with intuition, nurturing, and goddess wisdom. Larimar brings calm, balance, and peace to your life. It offers peaceful, serene energy, a great stone to have in your crystal collection, especially for women. Larimar is a very feminine stone that is great for Goddess energy, female intuition, and wisdom.