Kunzite Metaphysical & Spiritual Properties -- Kunzite Affirmations

What Is Kunzite?


Kunzite is a pink-to-violet form of Spodumene, a lithium aluminum silicate with a hardness of 6 to 7. Its crystal system is monoclinic. This gift from Earth forms as prismatic crystals with vertical striations. Kunzite can be found in granitic pegmatites, often in association with Feldspar, Muscovite, Quartz, Lepidolite mica and other pegmatite minerals. This beauitful stone can be faceted into beautiful gems, but cutting them is very difficult due to the stone's perfect cleavage. Kunzite is named after mineral collector G.F. Kunz, he first described this material in 1902. Some of the main deposits of Kunzite are in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Brazil, Madagascar and California and Maine in the USA.


Kunzite opens the heart to a plethora of different energies, most importantly love. When one embraces all other types of love, they are preparing for Divine Love, and when it is received, there will be an inevitable response: feelings of loving God or any supreme being that may exist in their culture. This happens because we wouldn't have connected with our souls without feeling these emotions or what many cultures would call Divinity.


Kunzite has the power to open up your heart so you can feel various kinds of romantic energy from self-love, interpersonal relationships between two people who care about each other deeply, as well as some kindness towards humanity's animals/plants/minerals, etc. But, most importantly, Kunzite allows us access to the Love of the Creator. 

Through embracing all the other types of love, one is preparing to receive Divine Love consciously. Kunzite- a stone that connects your heart with divine energy- helps you open up and accept this unconditional affection for yourself and others. When these vibrations are allowed into our lives through selfless actions or simple rituals, we form individuals like making art, writing poetry, dancing alone in front of an audience, and not caring what they think. When each person embraces their unique life journey without sacrificing themselves for those around them; then it will be easy to allow ourselves joyfully feel at peace with who we are on Earth while recognizing how much more there is out there waiting to make us whole again if only we have courage enough just once take another step forward towards love. Kunzite is the stone that most closely matches this frequency, and when one works with it, there's a tendency to move into resonance with that energy. Meditating with Kunzite can facilitate profound experiences of Universal Love. Carrying or wearing the stone helps one move through their day with kindness, gentleness, and serenity.


Kunzite has properties that increase your inclination towards altruistic behavior and kindness. In addition, these stones make you feel the vibrations of Divine Love, which makes them great gifts for people who need an extra boost of positivity in their lives! Kunzite is also good at relieving stress, which helps with physical health and can help alleviate emotional pain. 


Kunzite's most beneficial properties are that it can help reduce stress and increase communication with the silent voice of one's heart. Kunzites' direct connection to all aspects of reality through the Universal electromagnetic field allows for a wordless communion between mental, emotional, physical health and provides intuitive guidance that is not explainable by logic. Kunzite is a stone that can awaken the heart and encourage it to communicate more intimately with the mind. In this way, Kunzite helps manifest one's desires into reality. If you are willing to listen and follow your inner voice, if you're ready for a change to bring about positive transformation, Kunzite will be an effective ally on your journey.


Kunzite is the perfect match for Pink Tourmaline. The two stones amplify one another's effects when used together, and Kunzite has a special connection with Hiddenite as well. Morganites also harmonize nicely with Rose Quartz or Rubies to open up spiritual realms where they resonate best. Iolites make the mind centers more receptive to their energies, while Euphoralite & Scolecides help us access them through our doors of perception to explore their mysteries that we might not otherwise see!


Kunzite teaches us the power of joy and celebration. Joy is a way for you to open your heart, receive Divine Love in any form it may take at that time, and be able to accept its gift with openness. So sometimes this love will come as gifts in physical forms or deep knowingness inside our hearts that we are never alone nor ever forgotten by God's powerful presence around us, always loved no matter what circumstance we find ourselves going through!


The beautiful energy of Kunzite reminds people of the importance of celebrating life whenever they can--joy is often found when one opens their heart up completely while recognizing all things positive about themselves, such as loving oneself unconditionally, something many individuals struggle with regularly doing due to fear-based thoughts. The Love of the Divine flows through every moment and in all things. Resistance to this energy is what causes disease, imbalance, or problems known to humanity. If one can open oneself up consciously and fully by receiving divine love, they will experience complete healing on all levels.



Receiving the Creator's love is the first and last experience of our life. When we are born, we come into this world in an open state of receptivity to all things. As we grow and experience knocks or bruises along our way through this lifetime, many people begin forming blocks around their heart as they resist certain aspects that cause them discomfort from within themselves or outside sources like other siblings, but more importantly because these blocks prevent us from receiving Divine energy which can only lead to disbelief in separation, isolation, and scarcity--a product of false beliefs about what could be possible for one soul with infinite potentials at its disposal! Kunzite's stone gently helps release those walls blocking ones' ability to feel again by putting another block up against it. This is an eternal message that the Universe has been trying to convey for centuries. The Divine spark inside of us is our most precious possession, and it's what sets each person apart from one another. To fully live, we need this spirit through joyfully giving ourselves over entirely to love with every experience no matter how big or small- just as a child would do when receiving their parents' gift on Christmas morning! Kunzite is an extremely powerful healer of the emotional body. It strengthens individuals who have closed themselves off from life to protect their emotions, and it encourages them to release fear so they can move into joy with exuberance- not just for others but also for themselves.


SPIRITUAL Kunzite connects one to the energy of Divine Love underlying all of creation.

EMOTIONAL Kunzite assists one in releasing resistance to life and aids one in becoming receptive to experience love and energy. 

AFFIRMATION I open my heart's door for this beautiful new feeling that is flowing through me - divine love!