Iolite -- Water Sapphire Stone -- The Metaphysical & Chakra Properties

What is Iolite Crystal, and Where does it come from?

Iolite is a magnesium-aluminum silicate mineral with a hardness of 7 - 7.5. It forms in short prismatic crystals that have an unorthorhombic structure. The name Iolite comes from the stone's violet color. It is also known as Cordierite, Dichroite, and/or Water Sapphire Stone. Iolite can be found in Brazil, Madagascar, Burma, India, and Sri Lanka.


Metaphysical Properties and Meaning of Iolite Crystal:

Iolite assists in the recognition of one's value. It encourages a gentle approach to life and can sometimes aid in healing by facilitating communication within ourselves, with others, and with spirit guides. Iolite aids psychic ability and helps clear blockages that may prevent us from seeing our path clearly or finding the answers we seek.

Iolite is one of the few crystals used extensively for metaphysical purposes that can be found in almost any location with little difficulty and thus represents the potential within each of us to discover hidden gifts and abilities. It is said that Iolite will bring good fortune if carried or worn on the person in a pocket or jewelry. In addition, Iolite has been used to ease headaches and other discomforts of the head.

Iolite can assist in avoiding procrastination, help us confront our fears, and is an excellent crystal for those studying to take a test. It increases memory and concentration. Iolite heightens one's awareness of seemingly minor details often overlooked that may provide insight into solving problems or achieving goals. Iolite is said to enhance psychic ability, intuition, and creativity.

It has also been used as a stone of intuitive knowing. It is helping guide us by using our intuition with everyday conscious thinking. Iolite strengthens the brain & heart link by understanding the heart's urgings. An excellent stone for any Medium, Astrologer, Card Readers, and Intuitive channelers.

Iolite is said to open the doorways between worlds: the Crescent Moon represents the New Moon phase, while the Full Moon represents the Waning Moon phase.

The Full Moon indicates a portal of manifestation, while the New Moon is a time for reflection and renewal. Iolite bridges these two phases, closing the circle by returning us to our inner self.

Iolite's vibrational pattern raises one's energy level allowing us to be more open to higher thoughts, intuition, and spiritual awareness. In addition, it assists in bringing suppressed feelings to consciousness where they can be acknowledged and processed constructively."

"In metaphysics, Iolite represents integrity, the strength of character and will power as well as helping its wearer maintain his/her sense of self." In crystal healing, "Iolite helps you distinguish what is real from what is an illusion," "Helps overcome obsession," Helps to see the truth. "Works with the Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra, and Crown Chakra."

Iolite helps you think more creatively and takes away depression. It is an excellent crystal to wear when performing magick spells such as for abundance or attracting money. Because Iolite protects from psychic attacks by raising your frequency, it makes an excellent stone to carry during times of high stress. It assists in learning about oneself through meditation, especially regarding spiritual wisdom/guidance and wisdom gleaned from dreams and visions.


How to use Iolite Crystal for Healing

Use Iolite crystal to remove unhealthy vibrations.

Wear Iolite crystal to release this vibration or place it on your body (such as over the 3rd Eye chakra) for 10 minutes to help clear negative emotions and open you up for deep realm communication with higher vibratory realms.

Wear Iolite by taping it inside your pants pocket. Also, you can place it under your pillow when sleeping. Place iolite gemstones along with Amethyst stones at home to keep away evil spirits. Use iolite crystals in a grid formation around the house to receive healthy blessings from God/Goddess or spiritual guides or angels.


Color Energy of Iolite Crystal 

The creative and releasing energies of Iolite are revealed in the combinations of its primary colors. So it is not surprising to find that Iolite, with its clear and balanced blend of violet and blue energies. Iolite is a stone that brings inspiration to the wearer's artistic endeavors. It is especially effective for writers, composers, musicians, and visual artists - those who must be "in the flow" to produce at their highest levels.

In addition, Iolite aids in decision-making by encouraging one to see all sides of an issue. This helps one avoid oversimplification - the tendency to reduce complex ideas or situations to stereotypes. For this reason, Iolite has been called upon as a spiritual tool for discernment of truth from illusion. Its colorful nature may give rise to its nickname - Water Sapphire.


Where to place your Iolite Crystal in your home, sacred space, or office?

General Placement of Iolite Crystals: You can place the stone anywhere you feel drawn to place them. Be advised to keep it away from electronic devices.

Specific Placement of Iolite Crystals: Use Iolite Crystals in the North East ( NE ) corner of your home or sacred space. This will be very beneficial if you want to enhance creativity and good thoughts. The stone can also be used in the north, west or south directions.

Important Note for Iolite Crystal: Try to place a quartz crystal near this stone as it is known to harmonize with iolite crystals. 

Carrying Method of Iolite Crystal: You can carry this stone in the front two pockets of your pants/shorts or shirt pocket, jacket pocket etc. Hold it between your thumb and forefinger while meditating with this gemstone. Wearing it as a bracelet or necklace is also a great way to connect and feel the energy & vibrations of this stone.


The power of Iolite's color and how to use Violet Ray Light in your life:

Chakra: Third Eye

Color: Violet Ray Light (indigo or violet) Iolite is the gemstone of the Third Eye chakra. When in balance, a person can communicate their truth with ease and inspire others to discover theirs. The color of Iolite infuses you with courage and authenticity. It brings to light issues that are important to address that may have been overlooked. This allows you to stand firm in your beliefs without faltering from anxiety about how others view you or what they might think.

Keywords: Inner Vision, Journeying, Wound Healing, Soul Retrieval

Harmonizing Iolite's energy encourages you to express yourself fully and without reservation. When we can do this, we allow others to respond instead of dictating how they will react. This is not a timid approach because it is thoughtful and reflective of an inner strength that gives us the confidence and security to be vulnerable with another person.

Iolite's soft color soothes your heart into a state of harmonious listening to understand what your emotional state is telling you. It helps to realize your emotions are messages from the body that need our attention and compassion instead of fear and anxiety. By not being afraid of what we feel, we can use these feelings for guidance rather than avoiding them, only to be faced with more intense experiences later down the road. Iolite's soft violet-ray light encourages us to discover a new way of communicating our truth with others without judgment or blame.

When working with Iolite, it may be helpful to place it on the Third Eye chakra area (between your eyebrows). The desire to work with this stone can arise out of a passion for self-discovery and intuitive guidance that wants you traveling alone on an inner journey where there is. Iolite promotes cultivating the psychic mind and spiritual awareness. It is helpful in healing wounds that you may have experienced from feeling alone or isolated during challenging situations. During times of physical isolation, Iolite allows us to create our community within ourselves through visions of communities we belong to and friends who support us but whom we might not have seen in a while.

Iolite teaches us to listen to our thoughts without being distracted by what others think or saying about an issue. This can be not easy at first as it requires a certain amount of trust in yourself to express your truth when it goes against what everyone else thinks or believes is right. But this stone helps you gain perspective on why you feel the way you do. It enables you to see the bigger picture and gain an understanding of what is important to you.

Iolite's soft color helps illuminate your inner truth and the guidance that wants to be heard. This brings about a sense of peace, compassion, and forgiveness when met with resistance from others who might want us to think or feel differently than we do at this moment in time. You may have felt afraid in the past to share your thoughts or feelings because you didn't want to be judged for them, but Iolite has wisdom on how it can help ease that fear so we can express ourselves without regret or self-recrimination.

This stone promotes "inner vision" by helping us understand our thoughts, dreams, and visions as well as others. It helps us to clarify our desires and priorities because it promotes the willingness to say what we mean and mean what we say without being swayed by outside forces such as expectations from others or a desire to be perfect in everything you do.

Iolite dissolves energetic blockages caused by judgment, criticism, anger, fear, guilt, shame, and unworthiness so that your authentic voice can emerge. This is an opportunity for healing on many levels, including physical manifestations of dis-ease that have been suppressed inside the body until now. Iolite has a gentle vibration that encourages you to acknowledge where you are today before moving ahead into something new and different tomorrow. In this way, there will be less resistance when with others as you will be more "in your skin," so to speak. 

Iolite is associated with the Third Eye Chakra and has some affinity with the Throat Chakra. Working with Iolite can help improve your ability to communicate honestly about what you feel, think, and want in a way that encourages others to do the same. It helps us understand why we or someone else might have difficulty saying something directly because of all of the ways our minds work together through thought, feeling, emotions, intuition, and physical sensation. These are all good aspects of communication that exist simultaneously at any given moment. Yet, most people cannot tolerate speaking their truth from one source (i.e., thought-based) without hearing.