Angel Phantom Quartz Properties & Chakras

Keywords: Insight, Understanding, Wisdom
Colors: whites, browns, yellows, greys, earth tone colors

Angel Phantom Quartz is a powerful protective stone. It blocks geopathogenic stress and negative energies. In addition, Angel Phantom Quartz Crystals help open the third eye chakra to receive wisdom and spiritual downloads.
Quartz is also used for protection against outside influences or inside disharmonies. Angel Phantom Quartz can be placed throughout the home or workplace to create an energy barrier of protection against harmful vibrations.
Phantom quartz has been used to produce a more relaxed and deeper state of consciousness during meditation or visualization. They help one grasp the power of giving and receiving with an open heart without attachments or expectations.
Angel Phantom Quartz amplifies, focuses, and directs the energy of its environment. Therefore, it is an excellent stone to place in the room where one does aura or chakra healing.
Angel Phantom Quartz plugs into the crown chakra at the top of your head, enabling you to see angelic beings around you. It makes it easier for them to communicate with you or even allows you to "see" their presence.
Angel Phantom Quartz is very good at helping you see the light at the end of any dark tunnel. It can give you hope and the courage to go forward with your life.
This crystal wants to teach you that negativity and destruction are not always necessary – there is another way, a gentler way of dealing with problems. Retrain your mind to think positive thoughts about yourself, others, and situations to find peaceful solutions that don't involve fighting or harming others. It may seem slow going at first, but I promise it will pay off eventually.
Angel Phantom Quartz can assist you in accessing the akashic records to clarify any confusion or uncertainty. It also helps one to remember crucial past life experiences. By concentrating on an Angel Phantom Quartz crystal, you can retrieve information stored within your cellular memory banks. The stone will act as a conduit and filter out the truths from untruths. Once the truth is revealed, it becomes easier for one to move forward with their life.
Angel Phantom Quartz crystals are good protection from electromagnetic pollution emitted by computers, TVs, etc., and they help eliminate electric fields caused by these appliances being close together in a room or office space. In addition, they are beneficial when placed near a computer monitor screen to prevent eyestrain.
Angel Phantom Quartz helps one be more open to expressing feelings and emotions and less afraid of what others think or say about their opinions. It enables you to take a deep breath and face life with your eyes wide open so that all the answers you are looking for will be revealed.
Phantom quartz encourages us to welcome each day as an adventure, knowing that each experience is exactly what we need at precisely the right time! In addition, because Angel Phantom Quartz draws off negative energy, it can also relieve physical ailments such as headaches caused by stress or anxiety-related conditions, especially when used along with Reiki healing.
Quartz is the most powerful healing stone of all! It enhances spiritual growth and accelerates the process of attuning to your higher self. In addition, quartz provides an excellent platform for manifesting one's intent.
Angel Phantom Quartz will aid in the manifestation of angels into your life by bringing more angelic beings into your reality or putting you in a position where you will have many encounters with them. Angel Phantom Quartz can also be used to draw specific archangels into your life if need be. It helps open one up to angelic realm experiences and assists one to remember these encounters once they are over. It has been called a "Stone of Protection" because it forms a shield around the aura against negative energy, and it protects one physically, spiritually, and emotionally as well.
Angel Phantom Quartz emits a high-frequency vibration that triggers the opening of spiritual pathways to your Higher Self, helping you access information stored within your cellular memory banks about past life experiences to integrate these experiences into your present life to bring about positive changes. By working with Archangel Michael as your guide/mentor angel, he will help you release any negative patterns from the past and assist you in repairing damaged relationships by bringing a greater understanding of karma into your awareness. In addition to this, Angel Phantom Quartz crystal helps remove karmic seeds we've planted in previous lifetimes that are limiting us now. If something is bothering you or someone close to you, try holding an Angel Phantom in your hand and imagine a light shower of golden energy pouring down on you or the other person.
Angel Phantom Quartz helps cut through illusions and opens one up to a greater understanding of their spiritual missions by stimulating one's psychic abilities. It assists one in manifesting ideas into reality and helps you communicate these ideas to others effectively so that they can be shared with the world at large. Furthermore, it enhances creative talents, intuition and stimulates inspiration when working with any form of artistic expression - music, dance, painting, etc. In short, it brings increased self-confidence along with charisma to those who are too timid to share their talents or viewpoints with others.
Angel Phantom Quartz crystals have been used for centuries as a stone of protection, ward off evil and negativity, and bring more light into one's life. It is a very calming stone that helps ease stress-related problems that come from distorted thinking. If you are holding this crystal, it brings peace by attuning your mind with your higher self - the part of yourself with access to all knowledge and wisdom available in the universe.
Angel Phantom Quartz crystals can be used for sculpting (especially if you meditate with them), healing, meditation, manifesting desires , scrying , protecting against negative energy, relieving headaches (especially those caused by anxiety or overwork), preventing nightmares, increasing self-confidence and creativity and channeling information from higher realms .
An everyday use of these crystals is to place them over the heart chakra in order to enhance one's connection with angelic beings. They can also be placed at the base of the spine near the coccyx and under a pillow before sleeping for healing purposes.
Use Angel Phantom Quartz crystal clusters as an elixir, by placing on top of or within other forms of quartz (like tumblestones or small polished pieces ) for charging over night , or carry one in your pocket or purse at all times to keep you aligned with your higher self and bring peace and tranquility into your life. When meditating, use this gorgeous stone to connect more readily with Archangel Michael (or another archangel) and their guidance during your meditation so that they can help you remove karmic seeds and repair damaged relationships.
Angel Phantom Quartz is a great ally to have when facing an upcoming surgery or any physical trauma. It can help ease fears about the operation and promote a quick recovery afterward. It is also wonderful to use in conjunction with other forms of healing crystals (especially those associated with the angel), such as Amethyst, Aquamarine, Green Rutile, Citrine, Labradorite, Clear Quartz Crystals, Moonstone, Scolecite, Selenite, Sugilite.
The energy of Angel Phantom Quartz makes it a perfect piece to use for empathic and sensitive people who feel negative energy from others but are unable to unplug from it. It can help them shield themselves from this negativity and find a way to settle their emotions when feeling overwhelmed. These crystals are also great for children with autism or Asperger's syndrome (who tend to be highly empathic), as they provide protection and grounding during moments of panic or stress.
Angel Phantom Quartz is associated with the Crown Chakra and Third-Eye Chakra. It is a stone of purity that can be used to purify one's thoughts and intentions. The energy of this crystal promotes a certain sense of "aliveness" - it connects you with the present moment so that you are not distanced from your surroundings by any mental chatter or anxiety.
The grounding, protective properties of these crystals enable them to be worn as pendants around the neck (or over the heart chakra ) to keep their energies close at hand, especially useful for people who have difficulty meditating because they cannot calm their minds long enough to reach deeper states of consciousness .
Angel Phantom Quartz comes with a universal message: You are loved unconditionally by all higher forms of guidance that exist beyond your earthly realm. So be at peace and feel protected every moment of your life, as you are surrounded by cosmic light and love!