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4" Smokey Quartz Tower 02

This is a beautiful Smoky Quartz crystal point with great clarity & rainbows inside. Size: About 4" Tall Smokey Quartz emits a high level of energy. Smokey Quartz helps ground...

5" Smokey Quartz Tower 01

This is a beautiful light smoky quartz wand that is almost 5" Tall.  A beautiful and super clear smokey, and its' so hard to find them this tall too!  Size:...

Blue Kyanite Mini Hearts

High Vibration Mini Blue Kyanite Hearts Blue Kyanites have a very high vibration and may transfer energy extremely quickly. Enhances mental capacity by opening channels and activating mind centers, allowing information...

Blue Kyanite Tumbled Stones

Blue Kyanite Tumbled Stones Blue Kyanite is a high vibration crystal that helps with rapid transfers of energy and psychic channels. This stone will open you up to higher sources as...

Blue Tourmaline in DT Quartz

Blue Tourmaline in DT Quartz with a lepidolite/mica! This is a rare beauty, not only is it a natural occurring DT it has blue tourmaline & mica; which makes this such an...

Clear Iolite Tumbled Stones

AA Iolite Tumbled Stones Iolite is the stone to reach your deepest self. It offers a path for spiritual development and inner exploration that can be found nowhere else. Iolite brings...

Clear Quartz Cluster Fine Quality 01

A stunning super clear fine quartz cluster!  Triple point, with a Chlorite Phantom an definite display or altar piece!  This point has a whole other point attached to it..a really unique...

Clear Quartz Cluster Fine Quality 02

A stunning super clear fine quartz cluster!  This point has a whole other point attached to it..a really unique display piece... Size: About 4" Wide x 3" Tall

Clear Quartz Cluster Fine Quality 04

A stunning super clear fine quartz cluster!  This point has a whole other point attached to it..a really unique display piece... Size: About 3 1/2" Wide x 1 1/2" Tall...

Clear Quartz Cluster Fine Quality 07

A stunning super clear fine quartz cluster!  This is a cluster of points an amazing unique hard to find piece! Size: About 4" Wide x 3 1/2" Tall

Epidote Cluster

A lovely Epidote crystal specimen. This lovely crystal even stands.  A little crooked but can stand and has traces of Blue Tourmaline along with some other minerals too. An excellent heart...

Green Tourmaline Custer Specimen

High Vibration Blue/Green Tourmaline  A beautiful blue/green tourmaline with a dusting of Lepidolite crystalline. This powerful crystal has beautiful coloring and is has a very light healing energy. A true high vibration crystal. A...

Green Tourmaline in DT Quartz Cluster

This amazing specimen! The green tourmaline is a peacock color, there's black tourmaline, mica, and feldspar all on this Double Terminated Mineral Coated Quartz. An amazing crystal!   SIZE: 2.27"  A beautiful...

Green Tourmaline in Quartz

A great green tourmaline crystal in quartz. This green beauty is a watermelon tourmaline.  A beautiful green tourmaline in Quartz.  A beautiful tourmaline crystal in quartz. This is an excellent energy tool to have...

Green Tourmaline in Quartz Specimen #1

Green Tourmaline in Quartz. A beautiful specimen of green tourmaline in quartz with tourmaline growth spread about this cluster. An excellent energy tool to use while meditating, it feels good...

Green Tourmaline Specimen #1

Green Tourmaline. A gorg specimen of Green Tourmaline. Deep dark green with a slight blue/green peacock color at one end.  A perfect crystal for The Heart Chakra.  SIZE: 1.89"  Green...

Iolite Tumbled Stones

Iolite Tumbled Stones Iolite is the stone for travelers on the inner path to enlightenment. It assists by increasing vividness and detail of visions, as well as calling up symbols from...

Kunzite Mini Towers

High Vibration Kunzite  Kunzite opens your heart to the energies of Love --all kinds of love and all that it is. Kunzite is a conduit from one's heart to the...

Larimar Tumbled Stones

Larimar, a stone that emanates the vivaciousness of laughter and good humor with confidence. It is also very beneficial to women who are looking for help in awakening their Divine...

Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stones

AA Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stones Moonstone is a gem that embodies the secrets of female intuition and feminine mysteries. Reflecting light, it projects us into our inner depths for self-reflection...

Red Garnet Tumbled Stones

AA Red Garnet Tumbled Stones Garnets are so deeply connected to creativity and manifestation that they can actually be used as tools for the creative process, helping you manifest your...

Ruby Tumbled Stones

Ruby Tumbled Stones Rubies are the most powerful tools for stimulating one's Root Chakra. The red color of these precious gems is unlike anything else in the mineral kingdom and they...

Sapphire Tumbled Stones

Blue Sapphire Tumbled Stones Sapphires are a beautiful blue stone that is believed to have been worn by ancient Roman and Egyptian rulers. They were also used in jewelry for the...

Scolecite Tumbled Stones

Scolecite Tumbled Stones A stone of Inner Peace and Higher Chakras...Scolecite emits a deep peace that will resonate though your entire Auric Field. Scolecite offers protection from the intrusion of...

Smokey Quartz Tower with Black Tourmaline Inclusions 03

This is a beautiful Smoky Quartz crystal point with thick black tourmaline rutile rods inside the crystal!  I was lucky and have three of these rare beauties in stock. Size: About 3...

Thulite Shiva Stones

Thulite is a stone of contentment, happiness and joy. It's excellent for enhancing rapport with others as well as your own enjoyment. Thulite can be used to strengthen the vibrations...
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