Energy Tools 

An energy tool is created when one or more stones are attached to one another for the purpose of blending and/or magnifying their energies. Tools of this type may or may not involve other materials or devices (such as copper wire, glass tubing, magnets, ect.). A simple energy tool would be a large Quartz Generator Crystal to which one has glued a smaller stone. In this example, the Quartz generator will amplify and broadcast the joyful vibrations allowing to permeate one entire living environment. 
One of my favorite energy tools is a Selenite Crystal Wand with other stones glued along on of it's sides. Selenite is a powerful focuser and magnifier of whatever other stones attached to it and it is available in different lengths of 6 or more inches for a relatively low price. I have built my own types of wands like this for chakra balancing, love and heart opening, energy cleansing, communication, ascension, and overall synergistic activation of the human energy field. It is possible, through intuition or the use of an oracle to custom design such tools as the needs and desires of specific individuals. 

I be adding more to this as I find more to add in the crystal journey...