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A personal blog about the experience of using crystals and energy healing stones. Not all crystals are created equal, learn how to choose the best crystals & gemstones for your needs.

How can I go anywhere without my crystals? Who would want to leave their favorite crystals at home? Not me, that's for sure! Seriously though, they are my one true love. Do you know how many times I've been asked why the heck do I need those little rocks in my pocket or on a necklace when there is an entire world of things to explore and live life?! Well, sometimes we just have to take care of ourselves before we can help others, right?!

I often carry around mini crystals with me so that no matter where I am or what time it is, which is usually never enough, I always have some form of healing energy. Sometimes it's a soothing pink tourmaline or protective labradorite. But, as I mentioned, it totally depends on my mood and how I feel when choosing my crystals & jewelry. I have a few go-to combos I just love. And I do like to experiment with new crystal combinations too.

Pairing crystals with other crystals and gemstones is one of the best ways to connect with them. Crystal energy works best when it has a clear focus or intention. It's hard to have a clear focus when your crystals are scattered all over the place, lol, so that's why I like to keep specific crystals with specific crystals when I can. I love pairing crystals together with my healing energy jewelry when I can. When I am calm & balanced, it is easier for me to make better decisions and create a higher vibration for myself and space. 

The key was discovering which crystals work best for me when paired up with other crystals & gemstones. Amethyst, Ametrine, & Labradorite crystals are my crystals of choice when I need to feel protective & grounded. I love Tourmalines, Lepidolites & Aquamarine to relax & rejuvenate. (I love labradorite & moonstone crystals; they resonate with me so well. Sometimes I use these crystals for body grids and place them on specific energy pulses). My favorite crystals for any kind of love, seriously any & all kinds of love, are Pink Tourmaline, Ruby, & Kunzite crystals!

I am so in love with crystals that I have them all over my house in every room. They protect my home from unwanted energies, and they feel like pets on some days or little children on others, lol! There is something about crystals that attracts me to them, and I believe it is because they are the purest form of nature. Crystals are like pure energy from Mother Earth!

It's hard to believe that crystals can relieve stress and anxiety, but they do! I don't use crystals for diagnosing medical issues; crystals are primarily used for energy work. I don't think crystals try to heal our ailments; crystals are catalysts - they bring our bodies back into balance and tune us up. I feel crystals help me unblock my chakras and connect with other crystals better, which helps me with my energy healing practice even more!

I have a few crystals that I am super attracted to (they come to me and ask me to pick them up) crystals that I use for myself. Some crystals have healing properties; some crystals are reminders of crystals I already had and crystals that align with my career and life purpose too! I have so many favorite crystals & gemstones. Blue Kyanite, Kunzite, Clear Quartz, Amethyst (my true love), Tourmalines, Smokey Quartz, Corundums are just some of my go-to crystals. But I have a bunch more that I wear & incorporate into my daily crystal life.

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