What Is Lithium Quartz?
Lithium quartz is a type of lithium rock, which is found in many places around the globe. Lithium Quartz crystals are often found in clusters. Lithium quartz crystals were first discovered in Tibet and located in Brazil, Zaire, Ethiopia, and the USA.
Lithium Quartz has a very soothing, calming energy. They are known for their ability to foster communication, generate feelings of peace and tranquility. Lithium Quartz is a beautiful crystal stone for meditation or simply quietly holding it and absorbing its peaceful energy!
The pink/purple variety of Lithium Quartz acts to reduce stress, fear, anxiety, and depression. It encourages inspiration and motivation while offering protection from those trying to drain your energy via manipulation or emotional blackmail. It is also helpful in treating insomnia and nightmares.
Lithium Quartz can be used to bring serenity during the times that we feel overwhelmed or unable to cope with our situation. It helps us to let go of such fears as worrying about the future or with the past. Furthermore, it is an excellent stone for aiding in our self-healing and spiritual development as it enhances the powers of concentration, visualization, imagination & memory.
Designed by nature to hold and carry a charge of Lithium (a lightweight alkali metal), these stones are chemically lithium-silicate boro-activation crystals that are piezoelectric quartz crystal generators. These remarkable little gems can help people living with bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, mood swings, manic depression & other personality disorders. They have been said to be particularly useful in helping one enter into deep meditative states more quickly than usual. Lithium Quartz works very well when placed on the crown chakra and/or used as a tumbled stone.
We live in a society today that operates on an "over-stimulation" system. This often leaves us feeling exhausted, irritable, and over-stressed. Lithium Quartz is one of the best stones to help eliminate those feelings and bring harmony into our lives!
Lithium Quartz also stimulates love -- of self, others, or the divine while encouraging generosity & compassion. It provides for mental clarity while dispelling confusion, despair & sadness. The high vibration energy which this stone carries will infuse every cell in your body with a sense of well-being, healing, and wholeness coming from deep within you!
Lithium Quartz is a wonderful addition to healing crystal grids. It works well with Amethyst, Citrine, Kunzite, and Blue Kyanite when working on the mental/emotional level. Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with Clear Quartz for spiritual enhancement & grounding of that high energy into the physical body. These stones are particularly good at helping one feel more centered while working with the Third Eye Chakra & Crown Chakra.
Place Lithium Quartz crystals near your computer, television, or any other source of EMFs (electro-magnetic frequencies) to help shield you from their harmful effects.
All Lithium quartz should be cleaned regularly by placing them in direct sunlight/moonlight or smudging with sage.

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