What Are Crystals for Tarot Cards
What are crystals for tarot cards?

Crystals are a great and cost-effective way to personalize or protect your tarot cards. They can be used for storing, carrying, and charging your tarot decks. They can also be worn as pendants or charms for protection against negative energies. Crystals serve many purposes in tarot card reading, including providing protection during the reading, serving as a personal power stone (crystal properties vary on each individual), and providing the reader with a tool to focus energy during readings.
How can crystals help me in my tarot readings?
Crystals have powerful healing energies that can work alongside you during your tarot card readings. Crystals are known for their ability to provide focus, strength, and protection during your readings. Some people even consider a crystal as an extension of themselves. Nowadays, crystals are considered fashionable accessories, especially among the young ones. You can use any rock or crystal placed in its own cloth pouch for those who do not have access to a stone stick.

What crystals are commonly used in tarot readings?

Many different crystals have been known to be used for reading tarot cards. These include but are not limited to aquamarine, blue kyanite, amethyst, black tourmaline, citrine, and clear quartz. Crystals with the color yellow or gold are also recommended as they correspond well with the suit of wands, pentacles, and cups. However, many other crystals can be used for reading tarot cards. It is recommended to experiment with various stones and see which one resonates the best with you.
Crystals can give us a great deal of information about ourselves and the world around us. They have been known to hold memory, enhancing intuition, meditation, and even dream work. Experiment with different crystals during your tarot readings and find out which stone best resonates with you.

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