Wearing Your Stones ---What Do I Do With My Stones and Crystals?

Wearing Stones In Pouches and Jewelry

A natural extension of the practice of holding and carrying stones is to wear them n 'medicine pouches' or incorporate them into jewelry pieces. Both of these practices have gone on for many centuries. (For instance, the crowns of kings and queens, who were viewed as representatives of the gods, included gems which were intended to facilitate communication with the spiritual realms.) One advantage of pouches and jewelry pieces is that they allow one to incorporate combinations of stones which work together to produce the desired effects.Other jewelry pouch combinations might include ascension stones, protection stones, healing stones, love energy stones, prosperity stones. The most important thing is for the stone or stones to be in one's auric field. One's energy field is holographic, meaning that the vibrational pattern of the whole can be observed or altered from any point within the field. In some cases--for instance when one is using stones to heal or open the heart--proximity if the stones ti the area of focus can be beneficial. By the same token, energies through their hands. All of these choices can be discerned through attention to one's intuitive impulses. 

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