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Gemstone jewelry is a great way to enhance your energy. Learn how you can wear your favorite crystals as "jewelry."

Wearing your favorite crystals as gemstone jewelry is a great way to have that energy with you all the time. This is a safe way to have your beautiful crystals with you and feel the vibrations & power of the stones next to your skin.

If you are like most people, you enjoy having your favorite things around you and especially on you; if you have a favorite crystal or two that you love to hold and feel their energy, then why not put them on and wear them as healing therapy jewelry.

Crystal gemstone healing is very effective when the crystals are placed in contact with your skin and left there for a while. The benefits are achieved by the transfer of that stone's properties to you.

The way it works is simple; the atoms of the Crystals are in constant vibration, and when that energy comes into contact with you, your own physical body starts absorbing its healing properties. Of course, the process can be enhanced even more by wearing your favorite gemstone jewelry all day long.

When you place your gemstones on your body, as in healing therapy, the energy of that stone can enter your system through two main channels: The physical or our skin and also through your Auric field.

Crystals have gained high popularity to help heal various problems, from emotional shock to physical pain. People love wearing crystals directly next to their skin, for example, a necklace, bracelets, anklets, or rings. Generally, it is considered that you should wear your particular gemstone on your body all day long, 24/7 (at least).

The crystals are especially effective when worn in direct contact with skin; therefore, crystals such as Labradorite, Kyanite, Kunzite, and Moonstone are commonly worn as gemstone jewelry.

You can wear your gemstone jewelry every day. They will absorb all the negative energy around you and cleanse your aura, or you can use them to help with anxiety, grounding, or balance by placing them on specific areas of your body. Wearing your gemstone jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets give you the energy to help you get through anything you need to deal with that day.

When wearing crystals as jewelry, they are not exposed to a large amount of moisture so that all the healing properties reach you directly. The main thing is to wear them for at least 8 hours a day to receive maximum benefits.

If you are working with crystals this way, make sure you wash your hands before touching a specific crystal, as the energy of that Crystal will be totally different when coming in contact with another one. This is why most people prefer wearing their particular favorite gems next to their skin all day long or placing them on specific body areas.

Wearing crystals as gemstone jewelry is a very safe way to carry that energy with you all day long. When in contact with someone else wearing their own gemstones, there is no risk of an energy clash or "interference" from two different types of energy. In other words, the potential adverse effects are eliminated (Energy Clash).

Of course, you can alternate wearing your crystals as gemstone jewelry with healing therapy. Either way, your body will benefit from the energy of the Crystal. You also have the option to place the stone in water and then wear it all day long. It is essential, though, that there are no chemicals present in the water.

You can also place your crystals in an energy healing device to reenergize them and have a full therapeutic effect; this is very popular when you are not wearing it as jewelry.

Wearing a specific gemstone with you all the time will help keep its energies flowing into you at all times; however, if for some reason you aren't able to wear your favorite stones, you can always wear a piece of quartz to help with healing energy.

If you are wearing more than one type of gemstone and want to wear many at the same time, simply place them all on a piece of black velvet or in a small pouch the night before wearing so they can energize together to give you total potential gemstone energy. This way, they will not clash with each other's powers; plus, your body or person will also benefit from their combined energy vibration.

The benefits of wearing your favorite Crystal as jewelry are endless. Whether you choose to wear it on a necklace, bracelet, or anklet, the healing properties and energy will surround your body with positivity in an effortless way. You can even try using them for a quick meditation or when going through stressful times when away from home or your sacred space.

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