The Healing Power Of Tanzanite

Have you ever met someone at the out and about and felt like you'd known them forever? Or had a dream so vivid and revelatory that it completely changed your life? 
If the answer is yes to any questions, you have an intense aura, and people feel at ease with you. 

I suppose I should start from the beginning.

My name is Mineral Goddess, and I am a crystal lover who absolutely adores Tanzanite. I want to talk about my personal experiences with the metaphysical properties of Tanzanite. In fact, Tanzanite gemstone was my first magical healing stone, and I fell in love with its powerful energy almost immediately. It's not hard to see why—after all, Tanzanite crystals have been used in folklore for hundreds of years as an amulet against evil and to promote courage, perseverance, oaths, truthfulness, and fidelity in love.

With its deep blue color and subtle glowing light, Tanzanite stones help me reach my full potential—seamlessly helping me connect to my third eye so that I can gain new wisdom, power up my throat chakra so that I can speak truthfully without holding back anything that needs to be said, and keep my crown chakra.

Tanzanite is the stone that helped me reach my full potential. I am a better person when wearing Tanzanite. I can speak more truthfully, and my words have more power. It is not an exaggeration to say that wearing Tanzanite has changed my life for the better.

Tanzanite is a beautiful stone with a deep blue color and subtle glowing light. It is said that Tanzanite connects to our third eye so we can gain new wisdom and power up our throat chakra so we can speak truthfully without holding back anything that needs to be said. Tanzanite keeps us centered on our true selves and helps us connect to our inner light.

This fantastic crystal has helped intensify the communication between myself and the people I love, helping me recognize what they need from me while also keeping me firmly rooted in my own integrity. In addition, wearing Tanzanite has helped me get past some of my fears and obstacles, such as practicing yoga in a group setting or allowing myself to trust someone new with sensitive information about myself.

My relationship with my favorite crystal, Tanzanite, has been like a long-term relationship, starting in my early 20s. It has evolved and changed over time as I have evolved and changed. I've learned to listen to it; it has taught me how to work with all kinds of energy, but also it has made me aware of the different kinds of energy around me. As I've practiced working with crystals, I've found new insights into the kind of energy that Tanzanite emanates and the ways in which I can use it to stay balanced, clear, and focused. Most importantly, Tanzanite has helped me develop a healthy relationship to feminine energy and powers.

Tanzanite is a beautiful blue stone that comes from Tanzania. It's a relatively rare stone: there will only be one new piece of Tanzanite for every 15,000 pieces of sapphire mined from the Tanzania site where this stone is found. Tanzanite's rarity makes it very special because when you wear rare gems like this, you are literally walking around with a piece of the earth's power on your body (or on your earlobes!). It feels good to know you have a little bit of magic with you at all times.

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