The 4 Best Crystals for Hope & Strength

We can all use a little hope. Hope keeps us going when times are tough and we’re not sure how we’re going to get through. Hope is a function of the Sacral Chakra, which provides our creativity and ability to season life with fun, love and joy.

Without a healthy sacral chakra functioning properly, it can be difficult to feel hopeful about our current circumstances or for what life may bring. Our sacral chakra has quite the job to do that allows us to survive from day to day in this exciting world.

When our sacral chakra is low on energy and under active, we lose the ability to appreciate many aspects of life including friendship, romance, family and fun. Addressing this imbalance allows us that sense of hope even under the most difficult circumstances. This can be achieved through crystal healing by using rich crystals such as Fire Quartz, Sunstone, Carnelian & Orange Calcite.

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