The 4 best Puffy Hearts to use for Crystal Chakra Alignment

Labradorite, Clear Quartz, Moonstone, & Blue Kyanite are some of the best crystal puffy hearts for Chakra Energy & Alignment.

Crystal hearts have dual-energy and are both a stone of the heart and a stone of the heart chakra. Both powers are essential for your health and happiness as you heal any emotional wounds in your life.

When you work with crystal hearts that double as physical healing aids, they also help align your physical heart to perfect harmony with your emotional core. This will help balance the energy in your whole chakra system and support when you have some physical ailment related to an imbalance or trauma in your past.
Labradorite crystal hearts are perfect for awakening the passions within you and activating the base chakra as well. So when you work with labradorite, it will help to open your spiritual centers as well.

Crystal hearts that have truth-seeing energy, like clear quartz and blue kyanite, are also really helpful for keeping you honest in any situation. These puffy crystal hearts will help keep you from lying or sugarcoating the truth around essential topics and safely steer you towards expressing your true feelings.

Blue kyanite crystal hearts are also perfect for opening the sixth chakra, or the third eye, to help with metaphysical vision and clairvoyant abilities. So if you have a hard time visualizing things while working on energy healing rituals, this is the crystal heart that you want to use.

Labradorite, blue kyanite, and moonstone are also good crystal hearts for opening the heart chakra. These puffy hearts will help to heal any emotional trauma or pain that you may be experiencing due to past relationships. The crystals will release their energy when you are cleaning them or just holding them.

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