The 3 Best Crystals for Manifesting Love

Best Crystals For Manifesting Love 

Manifesting love, you say? Ah, we all want it. We are all looking for that special person with whom we can share all of our hopes and dreams and feelings of butterflies.

You may be wondering if crystals can help you find the love you've been looking for, or the truth is that they can! There are many crystals out there that will help you attract love into your life, but these three will get you started on a path to true love in no time.

There's no crystal more powerful for manifesting love than rose quartz. Its powers are so strong, it has a nickname: "The Love Stone." Ancient lore says that in the time of Atlantis, a group of people were able to make their love last through an eternity by holding a rose quartz to their hearts while they slept. The stone was used to transfer the energy of true love from one lifetime to another, and this enabled them to find each other again—over and over and over.



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Rose Quartz Crystals For Manifesting Love 

Rose quartz is said to be one of the most important crystals for healing the heart chakra. It helps you with self-love and clearing out emotional baggage that keeps you from finding and being your best self.

If you're considering using rose quartz as a tool for manifesting love, keep in mind that the quality of your crystal matters—a lot. If you use a low-quality crystal, you may not get any results at all. It's important to buy high-quality rose quartz from an expert source who can tell you exactly where your crystals are from and how they've been handled before they reach you.


Kunzite Crystals For Manifesting Love

Kunzite is a spiritual stone of love that supports the heart in opening to and expressing love.

It's one of the high vibration crystals that has a potent effect on enacting the law of attraction.

The rose quartz love properties are similar, but kunzite brings in a higher spiritual energy to work on the third eye chakra.

Its metaphysical meaning centers around how it can create a state of bliss, peace, and joy in your life. This energy goes beyond attracting romantic love into your life and helps you bring more peace and empathy into all aspects of your relationships.

It's a stone of communication that facilitates clear and loving communication. Communication is an important part of any relationship—romantic, platonic, familial, or professional—so kunzite is helpful for creating better relationships with anyone in your life. You'll find yourself feeling more connected to others as well.

Your heart will be open to receiving what it needs from others, even if that means it's time to say goodbye to someone who isn't good for you. It's not always easy to know when it's time to let go of a relationship, but kunzite helps you learn when it's time to move on and heal from past hurts.

Secondly, kunzite is known to help you attract "pure" love—meaning the kind of love that comes from within yourself and radiates out to everyone around you. Because it removes negative feelings related to past relationships (if applicable), it allows you to be more open and free.


Red Garnet Crystals For Manifesting Love

Finally, there's Garnet. Red Garnet is a stone of love and devotion. When you're looking to manifest a new partner or strengthen your existing relationship, using Red Garnet in your crystal healing practice can help you to connect with new love energy.

To start, cleanse your Red Garnet by letting it soak in cold water for one hour. As with all crystals, know that the color of the crystal is an important consideration: Red Garnet will have red streaks in it and may be a deep dark red. If you find this color to be too dark, you can also use Green Garnet—but if you're looking for a deeper connection, we recommend sticking with the Red.

Place your cleansed Red Garnet under your pillow while you sleep, and let its properties wash over you. In the morning, take it off and keep it close by while making breakfast or having coffee. Holding the stone while meditating on its properties will help you to connect more deeply with its powers.

You can also put Red Garnet in your bathwater and sit there for 30 minutes to let its vibrations go through you as you sit there peacefully, letting go of any tension or stress that might be lingering from work or family drama. It’s especially effective when paired with Rose Quartz and/or Kunzite.

When you're working with crystals to manifest love, quality matters. You want to work with the purest crystals possible, because they will be the most potent and will help you reach your goals more quickly. Of course, this can be difficult to ascertain when there are so many choices out there and you don't know how to tell which crystals are high quality, but fear not: we're here for you. We only sell the highest-quality crystals for your manifesting needs, and we stand behind them 100%.

Whether you're looking to manifest a new love or strengthen an existing relationship, the power of love is in your hands. You can make all of your heart's dreams come true when you harness the power of these three incredible stones: Rose Quartz, Kunzite, and Red Garnet.

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