Tarot: Recharge Cleanse With Crystals 

Sometimes you just need to cleanse refresh your deck or decks. There are many different ways to do this of course, we’ll go through a few of the traditional ways and what I use to cleanse my decks.

I know some people don’t bother with this and just open the deck and start reading. Others like myself, we usually go through some sort of cleansing get to know your deck type of ritual...


We know the knock 3 times on your deck, this help knock out any bad energies and I’m pretty sure it’s been around for ages! Some people tap the deck 3 times and some people knock 3 times and put the deck back in order.

There si also sage or palo santo to cleanse your deck too. Just smudge the deck or decks with the smoke to cleanse same as you would do a room. And then you can also give your decks a moon bath. This also helps recharge cleanse re-energize the deck or decks. Those are just a few popular ways to recharge cleanse any deck.


Now I personally like to charge cleanse my decks with crystals, particularly palmstones. I feel that they can really give my cards and myself the most. And by being the best and having lots of energy and feeling charge yourself helps with any reading. It also helps the querent feel more relaxed too. I have a few go to crystals that I use for deck cleansing and recharging.


Clear Quartz- cleanses your decks, helps amplify energy and intentions, helps with focus


Amethyst-deck cleanser, helps with visualization and psychic abilities, energy and high vibration elevator


Labradorite-Aura Cleanser, intuition fortifier, protective stone, linked to the 3rd Eye


I use these the most and find that i get the best readings after I use my crystals with my decks. I feel the energy and my decks get the energy from the crystals. These have helped me get the best out of my decks and to give deeper better clearer readings. I will get into rituals and more crystals in the next post.....

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