Stone Oracles

The melding of stone energies with the power of synchronicity, as exemplified in such oracles as the Tarot and I Ching, has been achieved in the Crystal Ally Cards and other card decks that work with the energies of the mineral realm. Just as in the tarot and similar oracles, cards are used--this time with pictures displaying minerals, their names, essential energies, and a symbolic scene depicting those energies--to gain information on current and future situations. Just as in the tarot, one asks a question, shuffles the assigned meanings for the placement of each card. The shuffling introduces the necessary randomness to allow the messages of Spirit to enter, and the symbolic structure of the layout and the meanings of the cards make it possible to interpret the messages. The fact that Crystal Ally Cards work so well is a testament to the authors ability to truly understand the essential energies of the stones, and to the Universe's dynamic, living, intricately woven, synchronistic tapestry of meaning.  

One feature of stone oracles that is absent from the tarot and other similar systems is the stone themselves. After the cards have revealed a message for the questioner, one has the option of using the stones that appeared in the reading. One can carry, wear, or meditate with stones that facilitate one's desired outcome. One can even ask the cards which stones to use in a body layout or which stones to carry or wear for specific purpose such as healing, spiritual growth, linking with one's guides or any other aspiration. Sometimes the answers may be surprising, but they are always helpful, and there is no limit ti the amount of information one can gain when working with the cards and stones together.