Spirit Euphoralite
Spirit Euphoralite. Spirit Euphoralite is a new find with Blue Apatite, Microline, Tantalum, Gold Mica, and Moonstone. This incredible mix of crystals and minerals that make up Spirit Euphoralite make this a powerful energy crystal. Spirit Euphoralite radiates a feeling of protection, clarity of mind, and feminine energy.
Spirit Euphoralite is a new find and was not in Tucson this past year. This combination of minerals and crystal makes this an excellent piece for any type of energy or chakra work. With the Blue Apatite, it would help with your Chakras. Tantalum helps with clear thinking, protects against negativity, and grounding. Microline, a not so common mineral, crystal helps with protection, balance, clarity of mind, and is great for dreaming. Moonstone is a pure goddess moon feminine energy. Spirit Euphoralite is an excellent stone for moon energy rituals or meditations.
The protecting feminine energy exudes from Spirit Euphoralite is calming and nurturing and helpful for connecting to your inner female Spirit Goddess. A fantastic crystal tool to have in your collection.

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