Selenite -- Uses & Metaphysical Properties
Selenite is a crystal that opens clairvoyance, channeling, and prophecy. In addition, it is an angelic stone that can be used to contact angels, spirit guides, or people who have passed on. It increases creativity, encourages emotional expression, and balances the heart chakra. Selenite brings joy into one's life by dissolving negativity, lowering stress, and getting more light into the aura. It is a stone of clear insight and good fortune.

It can be used to attract prosperity, love, or anything else you wish to manifest. This crystal has also been known as "the philosopher's stone" due to its powerful memory-enhancing properties which aid one in recalling past lives.

History Of Selenite

Selenite (see-lee-nayt) is named after the Greek goddess of the MoonMoon Selene – she is the daughter of Zeus and Hera, the ruler over the phases of the Moon and navigation by its light. Selenite can be found worldwide since it occurs naturally in sedimentary rock deposits formed from ancient marine sediment. Several names are used for this crystal, and some include Gypsum Flower, Selenite Rose, and Satin Spar.

Magic And Metaphysical Properties Of Selenite

Selenite is a form of gypsum that occurs in the Iberian Peninsula (Spain) and in North Africa. The name selenite comes from the Greek goddess Selene. In addition to being an excellent example of gypsum (crystallized calcium sulfate), it also exhibits remarkable acoustic properties. It rings like a bell when struck, thus earning its other name – a ringing spar. There are many ways that people use selenite crystals as part of their everyday life. Below are a few common uses for this beautiful mineral.

Meditation And Sleep Aid – Selenite is easy to find in the dark and can be used as a substitute for candles, which interferes with sleep. Place a piece of selenite on your third eye chakra during meditation. This crystal also helps one to relax before entering a dream state. It will also help you visit other realms more easily when sleeping, giving you clear messages from your subconscious mind.

Angelic Communication – One of Selenite's most popular metaphysical properties is its ability to make contact with angels or spirit guides.[6] A smaller piece that fits into the palm of your hand works best. Hold it gently and place it over your heart chakra so that you feel an energy exchange. This process can be repeated day or night, in complete darkness to aid in contact between you and the angelic realm.[7]

Astral Projection – Selenite is a great tool to increase your ability to visit other realms when dreaming. When meditating before retiring for the evening, place a piece of selenite on your third eye chakra. The following day, record everything that transpired during your dreams as soon as possible since most dream memories fade quickly. You may notice that you have more vivid dreams after using this crystal frequently.

Protection – Selenite is a sacred crystal that provides good luck and protection from psychic vampirism. It can be used to cleanse the aura and restore energy that others have taken. Use it during meditation and visualizations, placing one in each corner of your house or room if you feel vibrations of negativity. It will protect against electromagnetic fields, poisonous insects, harmful bacteria and viruses, as well as disease-causing radiation.

Selenite Crystals For Healing
Selenite is a protective and nurturing crystal, providing good luck and protection for babies, children, and animals. If they feel a cold coming on, place it under their bed or around them at night to protect against illness. It is also helpful in cleansing the aura of pets that have been exposed to negative energy from others or in crowded places.

Selenite also helps one to cope with stressful situations, trauma, or illness by providing a calming atmosphere. It will help increase your energy level, encourage self-esteem and make you feel more optimistic about life. Selenite crystals are also used as scrying mirrors for divination purposes.

Cleansing And Charging Selenite Crystals

Selenite crystals can be cleaned by placing them in a bowl of sea salt suspended over a candle flame for several minutes. You may also charge selenite with sunlight, moonlight, or crystal energy. Then, simply place it outside under an open sky for twelve hours to recharge before using. If you feel that your crystal is low on energy, hold it while meditating or place it on the third eye chakra during dream time.


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