Rutile Quartz -- Healing Energy & Properties


Rutile Quartz Crystals are high-frequency quartz crystals that resonate with the energy of the cosmos. These energies strengthen and heal the subtle bodies, soothe and activate all chakra centers, balance polarities, clear blocks, increase intuition, and stimulate psychic abilities. Rutile Quartz Crystal sets are great for meditation as they are powerful healing tools that promote peace and harmony both on a spiritual & physical level.

Rutile Quartz crystals have a powerful and incredible energy that will work on all levels of the mind, from the third eye to the root chakra. Rutile Quartz Crystal is said to be one of the highest frequency crystals available at this time. Therefore, it has been referred to as "the master healer." This crystal vibrates at a very high frequency and brings great energy to the user.

Rutile quartz is used for increasing stamina & endurance as well as balancing the base chakra. In addition, rutile quartz crystals are one of the strongest healing tools available on our planet due to their high vibrational frequencies.

By drawing off negative energies and replacing them with healthy positive ones, Rutile Quartz crystals can remove all kinds of energy blockages. Rutile Quartz Crystals can also amplify energy and be used in healing layouts, grids, or medicine bags.

Rutile Quartz is a crystal that brings a solid spiritual grounding force into one's life. It can help you remain calm when faced with an emotional or physical crisis and bring great strength to your life. In addition, Rutile Quartz can protect you from outside influences that are trying to interfere with your spiritual well-being.

Rutile Quartz is a strong protector energy crystal used for protection against psychic attacks as well as negative energies of all kinds. In addition, Rutilated Quartz is an effective purifier and integrator of energy. It encourages letting go, helps you to clear your mind, teaches you how to sharpen your focus, and strengthens your light body so that you gain more profound insights.

Rutile quartz is a high vibration stone that can be used to boost the vibrations of other crystals. With great healing and grounding properties, Rutilated Quartz is an excellent crystal for any collection and healing energy.

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