Raw Kunzite Crystals: What You Need to Know

Kunzite is a rare and unique gemstone. Kunzite is a rare and unique gemstone. It belongs to the plagioclase feldspar series, which is one of the most common minerals in the Earth's crust. After its discovery in Colorado, it was named Kunzite after George Frederick Kunz who was a famous mineralogist at the time. His major contributions to mineralogy focus on the field of placer deposits and ore minerals. Kunzite gets its pink color from manganese impurities. It comes in shades of pink and purple and is known as the "queen" of gemstones among colored stones.


Raw Kunzite

People have also found success using kunzite as a love crystal. If you feel unloved or unhappy with your relationship, carrying or wearing kunzite can attract more love into your life by bringing balance to your heart chakra. If you have suffered from any kind of heartbreak in the past, kunzite may help you recover from the experience more quickly. Kunzite can help remove fear and protect against negative energy associated with the heart chakra. Kunzite is thought to be able to attract positivity into your life and prevent negative energy from entering it. It can help lift your spirits and bring balance to your mind so that you unique gemstone. Kunzite helps you feel more connected with those around you and increases your empathy towards others. This crystal may be helpful if you need to let go of anger or resentment, but it's also an excellent crystal for love relationships when it's used to enhance fidelity, trust and compassion. 

Raw Kunzite Crystal

Kunzite is an important and powerful stone for the heart chakra. It is a good stone for healing emotional wounds from the past. Kunzite is a very good stone to use in meditation, as it will help you connect with your higher self. Kunzite can help you access information from past lives, and will help you remember them. The energy of Kunzite is very cleansing, and clearing, and helps to remove negativity form the aura. This makes Kunzite an excellent stone for healers to use during treatments. Kunzite is also a great stone to use in working with the angelic realm, as it will help you connect with archangels. Kunzite helps us become more aware of our intuition and psychic gifts as well. Kunzite is also a great tool to use when working with someone who has crossed over, and has not yet crossed over completely, as it will help ease their transition into the light.

Raw Kunzite Stones

When you purchase raw kunzite stones, you are essentially purchasing natural kunzite stones that are not yet cut or polished with any additional treatment or enhancements. Like all other gems, kunzite can be treated and enhanced with a variety of different treatments and enhancements. However, many people are drawn to the beauty and value of raw kunzite stones because they believe that the treatment or enhancements will detract from the raw value of the stones.

Raw Pink Kunzite

Kunzite is the pink variety of Spodumene, a gem valued for its attractive color and common to be found in pegmatite deposits. Kunzite is said to bring love, friendship, harmony and peace to all who wear or carry it. Kunzite is also said to attract prosperity into the life of the wearer when worn as a talisman.

The word Kunzite was coined after George F. Kunz (1856-1932), a noted mineralogist and gemologist who was employed by Tiffany & Co. (along with his brother, Frederick) from 1887 until his death in 1932.


Raw Purple Kunzite

This Kunzite is the purple variety of the mineral spodumene. Kunzite has a very rare, pure and clean energy that invites you to let go of your fears and step into the light. The rich, velvety presence of Kunzite can help you experience life as it is and give up your attachment to how you think things should be. Kunzite assists in healing past trauma by bringing you into the present moment, teaching you to embrace your feelings and sense your body's subtle energies.

The compassionate energy of Kunzite helps you bring unconditional love into every aspect of your life. As it opens the heart chakra, kunzite allows for a deep connection with the soul, fearlessly embracing all aspects of self.

Raw Kunzite Properties

Raw Kunzite is a stone that resonates with the energies of Venus. It helps in finding your own inner truth and desires, so you can make decisions based on what is best for you. Kunzite is also said to reflect the energy back to you, so it can help show you what you need to see about yourself and your situation.

Beautiful Raw Kunzite

The energy of raw Kunzite is loving and compassionate, yet it can also be used to set boundaries with others. This stone will help you learn how to stand up for yourself while still remaining loving in your interactions with others.


Raw Kunzite can help teach us how to be more open with our feelings. It can help increase empathy and understanding towards other people's situations and even their actions.


Kunzite is a great ally in healing emotional pain that has been held onto for a long time. It can help us work through these issues by giving us the courage to express ourselves in a way that we might not have been able to before.


Kunzite is also said to provide protection while traveling in unfamiliar areas or places where there might be an element of danger. It will also protect against psychic attack from other people or entities that might want to harm you.*


Raw Kunzite Meaning

Kunzite is a stone of intuition and communication that aids in manifesting visions into reality. It helps you to see the "big picture" and enables you to communicate your ideas to others. It is a stone of love and peace, allowing one to draw upon the knowledge of the heart to find solutions that are in harmony with one's higher self. Kunzite can help one get in touch with their own needs as well as needs of others, allowing one to understand what is being asked for and what has been offered or given. It is a stone of hope, encouraging the belief that all things are possible if one works towards their goal(s). It helps bring together all aspects of life into harmony, both on an individual level and on a global scale. Description: Kunzite enhances spirituality by helping you connect with your guides, angels and other higher-realms.

Kunzite can help you get in touch with your own needs and the needs of others, allowing you to understand what is being offered or given. Kunzite is a stone of hope, encouraging the belief that all things are possible if one works towards their goal.

Kunzite brings together all aspects of life into harmony on an individual level and on a global scale.

One works towards their goal(s). It helps bring together all aspects of life into harmony, both on an individual level and on a global scale. Kunzite enhances spirituality by helping you connect with your guides, angels and other higher-level beings.

Raw Kunzite Crystal Meaning

Kunzite is popularly known as the "Stone of Transition." It's a stone of deep, healing energies, and can help us shift and move through transitions in a positive way. Kunzite is also a stone of love, that helps us to keep a pure heart and loving energy in our relationships.

The energies of Kunzite are balancing, cleansing and calming. When we feel off-center and need to be grounded and centered again, this can bring about change gently. Kunzite aligns all the chakras, especially the Heart Chakra, helping to balance out any emotional strain or trauma. It helps with communication and letting go of old hurts. Kunzite can also help you to let go of feelings toward people who have hurt you in the past. The energies of this stone can help you realize that the only person you really have control over is yourself.

Kunzite connects us with our higher self and divine sources. This stone helps to open up our intuition and psychic abilities. It's a great stone for meditation, as it helps to clear away any negative energies within oneself that may be blocking a person from reaching their full potential spiritually.

It acts as an excellent balancer for the Solar Plexus Chakra

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