Rainbow Moonstone
Rainbow Moonstone

Rainbow Moonstone is the premier crystal of emotional healing and spiritual power, uplifting your mind to higher levels of consciousness. It is the stone for empaths, who can feel what others are feeling emotional, physically, and spiritually intuitively without reasoning it out first. Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of psychic awareness, offering protection during seances and other spiritual workings. Rainbow Moonstone can aid you in understanding your dreams and visions, helping to form clear pathways through the confusion that emotions often bring about and restoring emotional balance. It helps one avoid being overwhelmed with anger when others are critical or unkind, for it reminds us that we all have lessons to learn and offers us direction in how to best go about learning them. A stone of inspiration for writers, Rainbow Moonstone, guides one on the conscious use of new-age concepts, helping you to understand these concepts intellectually as well as instilling their literal meanings in your heart.

Rainbow moonstone is a soothing crystal for those who feel out of synch with the world or who are experiencing confusion and emotional upheaval. It helps one remain calm in the face of such imbalances, remaining centered within oneself no matter what is happening around you. Rainbow Moonstone brings about lightness and freedom from stress, allowing one to re-evaluate their lives positively and recover from past trauma. Rainbow Moonstone encourages spiritual growth and emotional healing, bringing about a sense of contentment as you find your true place in the world. This stone is beneficial for teenagers, aiding them to combat negative peer pressure, drugs, alcohol, and other temptations that can lead one off their spiritual path. It helps young adults to make wise decisions in their future, providing direction to those who may feel lost or confused about their place in the world.

Rainbow Moonstone helps with compassion and tolerance, bringing feelings of charity towards others and forgiveness to oneself. It is beneficial for anyone who feels they have done some wrong in their lives that they cannot forgive themselves for. Rainbow Moonstone can help one to heal these past emotional wounds, offering spiritual comfort and direction.
Rainbow Moonstone is beneficial for artists, helping them to use their creativity in positive and uplifting ways. In addition, it promotes spiritual understanding of the world around you, encouraging you to look beyond appearances and discover the hidden beauty inherent in everything you see.
An excellent Crystal addition to any collection or for any sacred space.

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