Mystery Gem Box
The contents of the gem boxes are unique and run from beautiful tourmalines, a variety of Quartzes, beautiful amethyst clusters with a little bit of everything in the middle. I have carefully selected the gems after inspecting hundreds of crystals at The Tucson Gem Shows & throughout California. These gems are all-natural, some are rough & some are polished, but each one is individually hand-cut for maximum sparkle & crystal energies. All of these stones I have personally picked out on my travels to gem shows. That means only the best quality stone made it into your box!
When you receive your Mystery Gem Box, you'll want to try holding your new Mystery Gem Show Box goodies under sunlight or candlelight and take some time to marvel at all your gems' special qualities! Let them each tell you their unique story as you discover more about the crystal gem energy that is in your box. It's incredible the power inside each of these gems!
These are all-natural crystals, and I have included the identity of each gem or crystal. Every day you will be able to feel their positive energies flowing through you as they become a part of your family! All my items come from private collections or are from my favorite vendors & suppliers. That means only the best quality gems made it into your box! These items are perfect for collectors, crystal enthusiasts, healers, massage therapists, and anyone who is looking for an inspiring gift for someone special (or even yourself)
I would like to personally thank you in advance for checking out this website & hope that you enjoy everything we offer here at Mineral Goddess Crystals.

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