Lithium Quartz Crystal -- A Soothing Crystal
Lithium Quartz, with its delicate pink-hued crystals, helps alleviate negative energy, stress. The gentle, soothing, yet powerful energy from this crystal will feel like a wave of peaceful euphoria passing over you. This crystal helps bring a state of relaxation, mental and spiritual peace and helps balance emotions. Lithium Quartz is the best of both worlds. On the one hand, you have the soothing, calming energy of the Lithium. On the other hand, you have the powerful yet gentle energy of Quartz, an incredible combination created by Mother Earth.

Lithium Quartz will help with meditation, and its vibrations offer emotional peace, a release from stress & tension, and will help awaken the Higher Self. This is an excellent meditation crystal as it helps facilitate openness and activation and allows you to connect to your Higher Self and your heart & mind. These beautiful crystals help bring a state of relaxation without the grogginess or drained feeling other crystals can give you. Lithium Crystals have a light energetic feeling and help with the flow of positive energy.
The harmonious energy Lithium Quartz emits is a wonderful crystal for any room, especially the bedroom. As it helps one relax and release the tension and unclench the body from the day's stressors and help with a peaceful night's rest. The soft, delicate energy of Lithium Quartz is the perfect night time crystal, offering relaxation, serenity, and calmness.
Lithium Quartz is just an excellent crystal to have in your collection with its soothing calm energy.

Lithium Quartz Affirmation:
I am calm, safe, serene, and open as I am guided towards my Spiritual Path.

Lithium Quartz Crystals works well with Euphoralite, Quartz, Trolleite, Tourmalines, Scolecite, Amethyst, Kunzite, and Ruby.

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  • Rosey Brumm On

    Is lithium Quartz the same mineral as Pink Himalayan Shambahla Quartz

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