Lepidolite Towers Benefits
Benefits of Lepidolite Towers
Lepidolite Towers have fantastic benefits to get that incredible calming, soothing Lepidolite energy into your home or sacred space. Towers are an excellent way to emit crystal energy into your sacred space or room. Lepidolite is one of the best crystals to use for anxiety, fear, and stress that we face in our everyday lives. Lepidolite Towers are a great way to harness Lepidolite lithium frequency and energies by holding them in your hands. I think it's best to have two towers, why? Well, for one, when meditating, having a tower in each hand helps transfer the energies of the crystal. I hold the Lepidolite towers with one point facing me and the other point facing the opposite direction. This allows the powers of the crystal and your energy to move and envelop you.

Lepidolite for Chakra
Lepidolite and its violet-purple hues are perfect for Crown & Third Eye Chakras. Lepidolite helps relieve your stress & anxiety so that you can delve deep into your Third Eye and Crown Chakras. Lepidolite will clear any blockages and take you to the highest cosmic realms when using it for Crown Chakra. Lepidolite is also great for Akashic Record accessibility.
This is the stone or crystal is just so calming and feels good due to the high lithium content in Lepidolite. Lepidolite works well with Tourmalines, Clear Quartz, Trolleite, and Kunzite.

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