Lepidolite Benefits
Standard benefits:
- Balances the emotions, relieves stress and worry
- Enhances compassion for others
- Assists in finding a sense of peace with oneself.
Emotional benefits:
- Helps you to find inner joy
- Encourages optimism and gratitude
Lepidolite is a pink, lilac, or light violet stone that appears in the form of crystals. It is a combination of lithium and mica. Lepidolite crystal has many benefits to the human body. For example, these crystals act directly on depression, bipolar disorder, the search for happiness, and protection from bad dreams.
Lepidolite is one of the most important stones that are used to eliminate stress and be happier and more peaceful.
It has been said that it helps with depression, bipolar disorder, and anxiety. Some people who have tried this stone say they feel happy when wearing it. This kind of crystal is a powerful healing stone for those who are looking for peace.
Lepidolite is a lilac to a pink/purple variety of the mica group.
It is found in granite pegmatites and has been used in jewelry, carvings, and sculptures. The name comes from the Latin "Lepidus," meaning "scaly" or "scaly animal," and "lithos" meaning "stone." It was first mined in the Urals, Russia.
The color of Lepidolite varies from light violet to Lilac and pink; brownish Lilac is sometimes called just plain Lepidolite. The color can be gray or white, but this coloring is caused by impurities of iron, magnesium, or titanium. It is never heated when created, and it is naturally pink!

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