Kunzite -- How To Care For & What It Is Used For Spiritual Practices -- How To Clean My Kunzite


Kunzite opens your heart to the loving energy of the universe, such as self-love, interpersonal Love, Love for humanity, animals, plants, and minerals. It is also a way for the heart to connect with divine Love. Kunzite can help you connect with and feel this Love by embracing all other types of Love in your life. This includes Love for yourself, romantic partners, children, or other family members or friends. When you are ready to feel divine energy, it will come naturally because it emanates from within us through our heart, and when we genuinely feel that feeling, we are at one with this energy. Kunzite can replicate this energy best, so some people may find this stone helpful in meditation and attunement with the Divine.


Wearing this stone can have many benefits, such as helping you feel more content in your life, which may help you be happier; this can happen if you can accept things outside of your control. Another benefit is that wearing Kunzite may increase your ability and desire to strengthen relationships between yourself and others. Wearing this stone may also help you to accept situations that are not within your control so that you feel more at peace about them, for example allowing yourself to be happier because something is out of your control or feeling better about a situation because it is past the point of being able to change it.
Kunzite stone uses the pink tourmaline as a compliment. The pink tourmaline will amplify the effects of Kunzite. In turn, Kunzite and hiddenite have a connection. They are both forms of spodumene. Other stones which harmonize with Kunzite include Morganite, Rose Quartz, Emerald, and Pink Tourmaline. Iolites are also stones that harmonize with Kunzite, and they can open the mind centers to its energy. Euphoralite & Scolecite will allow for spiritual realms to be open, with Kunzite stone resonating with them.

The energy of Kunzite is just too good for words. It teaches us- the value of joy and celebration and how you should keep your heart open to receive the Love from The Divine Source, no matter what form it takes at any given time. You must recognize that Love will help you with your other problems as well, like when The Love of The Divine shimmers into your mind and enables you to figure out an answer to a question, or when it comes in the form of a deep and certain knowledge that you are never alone and always loved. And if you can stay open enough to receive this Love constantly.

With Kunzite's energy, you can develop that sense of wonder, joy, and gratitude for the gift of life on Earth. For here is where the Creator has chosen to deliver a portion of its self into physical form- to create an opportunity for creatures like us to experience existence in the physical realm and learn through the lessons of duality. The Divine wants us to know how it feels to be alive in a physical body on Earth. It wants us to experience physical sensations so that we can appreciate them all the more- from the comfort of our homes and beds, eventually even learning to love earthbound existence enough not just to thrive in the physical but to appreciate it.

Once you have mastered your lessons here in the physical and gained a sense of appreciation for all they hold, you may then choose to graduate into another realm- one that exists outside of time and space as we know it. And there, you can build a new existence around who you've become and the abilities you've acquired. And it will be a brand new world out there, with only those who have earned their right to live there as equals.

Love and Kunzite is a powerful healer of the emotional body, particularly for those who have closed themselves off from the whole experience of life to protect themselves emotionally. Kunzite's frequency encourages one to release fear and move into life with joy and vitality. Kunzite works with the heart of all human beings, promoting a deep sense of loving-kindness in every person everywhere. It embraces all emotions with acceptance – even the most rejected feelings become healed when they are encouraged to flow freely. This is an excellent stone for those who wish to access higher consciousness profound realm experiences.
Kunzite amplifies psychic abilities and enhances dream recall and lucid dreaming. This makes it a great stone to aid with spirit communication, channeling, spiritual journeying, and shamanic practices. Kunzite also works with the inner child to heal emotional wounds from the past, bringing feelings of joy, celebration, and fun back into one's life.



It brings deep peace and relaxation to the nervous system allowing for more restful sleep. It opens up deep levels of personal insight during meditation or dreaming. Kunzite is also a stone of manifestation and creativity, bringing ideas into material form. It inspires one to follow their passions, unafraid to find the courage to take those first few steps to make those dreams come true. Kunzite is excellent for journeying or meditating because it opens up all levels.
Kunzite is a mineral that connects to the energy of divine Love underlying all of creation. Kunzite also helps one release resistance to life and become receptive to experience love and energy. One message of Kunzite is to "open up" and receive this Divine Love. It provides a sense of calm, which allows for open-mindedness and eliminates worry. When affirming with Kunzite, it would be good to say, "I open up to receive Divine Love" by listening to its gentle voice in your heart.


How to I care for & Clean my Kunzite? 

This is easy you can use warm soapy water, a very soft 100% Cotton cloth or t-shirt to clean your kunzite crystals. Also make sure you keep them out of the sunlight or bright lights. This can cause them to change colors and be come discolored. 

To recharge your Kunzite you can place it under the water facet to recharge, place it under the moon, (make sure it doesn't get tooo much sunlight), charge it with Clear Quartz, salt, or smudge with your favorite smudging sticks. And if you you do not feel comfortable placing your Kunzite under water you can clap 3 times or use sound, like chimes singing bowls, tuning forks to cleanse your Kunzite too! 







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