Standard benefits:
- Kunzite is a stone of balance and harmony.
- It can help to bring a feeling of inner peace.
- Kunzite is also said to be the "stone of love."
Emotional benefits:
- Kunzite brings serenity, which may help with anxiety or depression.
- It helps you let go and release what no longer serves you in life.
- Kunzite can be used to help you move forward.

Physical Benefits:
- Kunzite can help you become more aware of your self-sabotaging behaviors and patterns.
- It helps you to take advantage of opportunities in your life.
Inner Growth Benefits:
Kunzite also works with the Heart Chakra as a whole, which influences our emotional health. Kunzite is said to be helpful for those who suffer from fear or anxiety. Kunzite can be used for women's intuition, feminine goddess energy. Since Kunzite is a stone that balances yin and yang energy within the body, it can help to balance estrogen and progesterone. Kunzite is also helpful for those who may lack energy or have trouble with healing after surgeries. It can help to clear blockages in the physical body by removing fear from your life so that you can move forward in a positive direction.
Cleansing & Charging Kunzite:
Smudging with your favorite smudge stick to burn, salt, run under cool water, moonlight, and sound are the best ways to charge your Kunzite.
To clean your Kunzite, run it under cool water and wipe it off with a very soft cotton cloth.