Healing Properites of Tanzanite

What is Tanzanite?

The mineral Zoisite is the source of the blue and violet variation of Tanzanite. Tanzanite is a gemstone for the 24th year of a person's life.

Associations of Tanzanite

Chakras - Throat, Third Eye, and Crown.
Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius are the three zodiac signs associated with the December birthstone.
Number 2 in the Series of Numerical Vibrations
Blue-violet is the most common color.

Assisting the body's natural healing process with Tanzanite Slows us down a bit.

The throat chakra, third eye chakra, and crown chakra are all stimulated by Tanzanite. In addition, an increase in psychic talents and a faster vibratory rate enable communication with the spiritual realms.
Transformational stone Tanzanite can help break old habits of disease and karma. It gives us a sense of direction and allows us to use our powers for the greater good, allowing us to continue with optimism and inspiration.
All levels of healing can benefit from Tanzanite, and those who perform the healing are also protected.

Tanzanite Symbolism & Vibration
For the neck, third eye, crown, and Etheric Chakras, Tanzanite is an excellent choice of gemstones. If you want to link your intellect, heart, and soul, this is the best stone for you to work with. As a result of this stone, we are urged to speak from the heart while simultaneously demonstrating a degree of intellect that comes directly from our expanded minds. Many people believe that Tanzanite is a stone of self-awakening and that it is here to guide and ignite our own spirituality. It's a stone that encourages you to be your best self and raises your consciousness to a higher level. When it comes to truth and trust, this mineral will uncover whatever lies we've been telling ourselves. It's critical to live a truthful life since it will alter your impression of those around you and the people or things you spend your time with. In order to engage with our current state of mind, Tanzanite compels us to lose the old skin we have built up over time. There will be no more disputes, disagreements, or negativity in my life. When wearing or dealing with Tanzanite, only positive words can be said because of the heart-to-throat connection it makes. It's an excellent stone to wear if you're in a fight with someone you care about profoundly. Tanzanite softens our speech and helps us find the right tone that we want to express ourselves in.


Pairing Crystals with Tanzanite

When working with Tanzanite, it's best to use a grounding stone because of the stone's high frequency energy output. Its magnetic capacity to draw down higher frequencies into our physical world makes Dioptase a favorite of the council. With these frequencies, we are able to draw in all of the greater information that Tanzanite provides us with. DIOPATSE forces us to act on the energy we have gathered. It's an ideal companion for long, intense meditation sessions with Tanzanite.

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