Garnets are beautiful, high-vibration crystals with the energy to support personal transformation. The gemstone reminds us that it's time for change and growth. It also emphasizes the importance of self-love and self-care. These stones are often called "The Healer's Stone" because they can support the physical body and spiritual energies.
Wear Garnet to support your journey in self-love. Feel the gem's energy move through you like a balm as you love yourself more each day. Your future self will thank you for making an effort to love yourself and care for your physical body.
Below, discover fascinating facts about Garnet gemstones. These are perfect stones to learn more about if you're looking for a stone to support you in self-love and acceptance of who you are today.
Garnets Have Been Around Since the Beginning of Time Garnets has been found on every continent worldwide. They were first discovered in Armenia, a country still famous for its red variety of Garnet gems. Garnet crystals have also been found as space dust! This gemstone has weathered time and survived the test of history.
These Gems Have Been Believed To Have Healing Powers Garnet is a potent crystal, and it's believed that they can cure negative energy. The stone has been used for centuries in Native American healing practices and by many other cultures. Look no further than the Middle Ages if you're looking for an ancient folk remedy that uses Garnet crystals.
Marie de France wrote a poem titled "Guiraut de Bornelh Concerning Love," People would chew on Garnet crystals to cure toothaches and mouth sores. It was thought that the stone had medicinal value because it supposedly could help heal fractures of any type. Garnet stones are a fantastic property because they are often worn as a talisman to cure the flu and other illnesses.
Garnet Has A Unique Appearance And Color Variations Garnets are found in a variety of shades, including ochre reds, cinnamon browns, deep greens, golden oranges, and even black. The stone is also available in a rainbow of hues: yellow, green, orange, brown, red, and purple.
It has been said that Garnet stones have one of the highest energy vibrations on Earth. Not only are they high vibrational crystals with an intense energy that's great for spiritual grounding as well as manifestation, but they're also a powerful healing tool.
This is because the vibrant color variations in this gemstone mimic the human aura. The bright and vivid colors indicate that this stone has what it takes to support us on our journeys of self-love and acceptance of who we are today.
Garnets Have A Very Deep Meaning Throughout history, Garnet stones have been used for a variety of purposes. The ancients believed the gem could prevent epilepsy and other ailments because of its deep red color. This stone was even thought to be able to bring down fevers!
In addition to this, people would also turn to Garnets when it came time to get married. They were worn to attract the opposite sex, and women would often wear this gemstone during their wedding ceremony to symbolize the strength of their marriage.
It's no surprise that Garnets are perfect stones for supporting self-love because these gems hold a deep meaning that is all about relationships in general. When you wear them, you can use them to support you in self-love while also attracting love into your life.
Garnet Is A Birthstone For January Babies. The Garnet gemstone is the birthstone for people who are born in the month of January. It's believed that this stone has a very close connection with Capricorn because of its deep red color.