Euphoralite -- High Vibration Crystals
Euphoralite Crystals from the Black Hills of South Dakota. These high vibrational crystals are quite rare and are in very high demand. However, if you have ever been drawn to the black hills in South Dakota or visited Rapid City, SD, then chances are you have felt their energy. These beautiful crystals will help connect with these vortexes of high consciousness here on Earth and enhance your spiritual connection to them as well as many others currently being discovered.

Euphoralite Crystals are a new crystal variety discovered in South Dakota. An experimental analysis by Dr. Robert J. Gilbert found these to be unusually conductive of energy and other characteristics similar to the more well-known Aquamarine Crystal. These may be used for cleansing of negative energies, as well as spiritual and psychic protection.
Euphoralite has been described as a stone of greater awareness, with the ability to raise one's vibration and hold a higher light. These crystals radiate extremely high-frequency energy that feels like a combination of love and joy all bundled up together. These are some of the most powerful healing stones around today because they set the stage for self-healing and allow you to heal yourself without waiting. These may also be used for astral traveling, lucid dreaming, and exploring the higher realms. Euphoralite will also help provide a boost of joy and laughter to your life.
These Euphoralite Crystals have higher energy than the usual black Hills Agate or Black Onyx, which are also found in this region. They have a very high vibration due to their unique crystalline structure. Each one is made up of many different colored crystals all aligned together to form these beautiful shapes. Also, they are quite rare, and these polished specimens have beautiful high energy.
Euphoralite is unique and has a low Moh's hardness, so it must be handled with care when used for jewelry as it can scratch easier than most stones. If you want to wear Euphoralite in jewelry, we suggest using a 14k Gold or 925 Sterling Silver as it is soft enough to easily bend rather than a harder metal that can scratch or chip.
Euphoralite comes in several different varieties, including Snowball, Red Dragon, Lavender Sky, Shadow Dragon, Enchanted, Tranquil, Exotic, & Transformation, to name a few.


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