Dreamwork With Crystals


One means by which we all move into other realms of consciousness is through dreams. Because of their ability to alter the pattern of one's energy field, many crystals and minerals can powerfully affect one's dreams state--brining more frequent and vivid dreams--dreams containing spiritual guidance, dreams of visitations' from departed loved ones, lucid dreams, astral travel, and other types of out-of-body-experiences. Moldavite, for example, when taped to the forehead or tucked int the pillowcase, will almost always facilitate multiple, extremely vivid dreams of high spiritual content, even for people who insist that they never dream. In fact when I use Moldavite in this way I almost always wake up at 3am and remove the stones so I can go back to sleep. Herkimer Diamonds increase the visionary quality of dreams and can make people dream in color. Celestite, Danburite can help uplift one's dream scenes to the angelic realms. This is another great area for experimentation. Just slip the appropriate stone into your pillowcase and see where you go. 

P.S. Be Sure to Keep a Sleep Journal!!!


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