Double Terminated Trolleite Points -- The Ascension Crystal
Double Terminated Trolleite Points are one of the ultimate Ascension High Vibration Crystals you can have in your crystal toolbox or collection. The combination of Quartz, Lazulite & Scorzalite gives this gift from Mother Earth energy that is unmatched. DT Trolleite Points help transmit and receive energy for deep Spirit, Angel, and Soul communication. The soft feminine energy moves through you to assist with connection to the Higher Realms and Ascension.
Trolleite Wands are used for meditation, gridding, chakra, and energy work. I love to use it while meditating. Get yourself into a comfortable position, sitting, laying down whatever is comfortable to you. Close Your Eyes, Breathe Deep in through the nose out through the mouth 3 times. Hold the DT Trolleite in your hand to receive energy. Feel the grounding energy. Soft blue Angel wings wrapping around you, protecting and nurturing you. Opening you up to be guided and Open to the Divine, Higher Vibrations, and Realms. I am open to my Souls Purpose. Repeat 3 times. Be still and slowly open your eyes. Namaste Beautiful Beings

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  • Mineral Goddess On

    Hi Rinju
    I am located in Southern California. I also ship worldwide and have shipped many crystals to beautiful Australia. If you have any questions you can also email me too.

  • Rinju Karmacharya On

    Hello Mineral goddess,

    Hope you are well. I am wondering if you have a shop and if so where is it ?

    I am from Sydney and am interested in few products you have in stock.

    Thank you

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